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Sunday, 25 November 2012

:: Want a Good Hair Day? ...Grab some GHD's ::

:: Want a Good Hair Day? ... Grab some GHD's::

There's not much to say about about GHD Straighteners other than that they are brilliant!!! I've been using them for at least 8 years now and the results are flawless.
In the past I have used various other straighteners before GHDs came along and now there is no looking back. They are quick to use - I have long thick hair and can straightener it all in just 10 minutes. They also make the hair smooth and sleek and get rid of any frizzy strands.
I'd never use another product, by far GHds are my favourite! 
I've got the limited edition baby pink straightness which I've had a good few years now. Rather than show you a picture of those I thought I'd share one from the current range (there are many others available). These are the gorgeous Rich Ruby GHds currently priced at £135.00 on the Official GHD website. As well as the styler, you get a lovely heat resistant quilted case with heat mat. If I didn't already have some GHD's I'd definitely go out and by these beauties!

Rating: 5/5



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