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Saturday, 1 December 2012

:: Midnight Blue Nails ::

:: Midnight Blue Nails ::

A couple of months ago I purchased a Barry M nail varnish in colour no. 328 Magnetic Blue.  I'm not entirely sure what made me pick this particular shade as I am usually more drawn towards pinks and purples but this midnight blue with silver undertones is gorgeous. 

I am a big fan of Barry M nail varnish and this one us no exception. The thickness of the varnish is perfect, the application is easy and I have found it will stay on your nails chip free for 1-1.5 weeks when using base and top coat (i'll add another post sometime about the ones I use).
Overall I'm really glad I tried out this colour and can definitely see myself wearing it a lot over the winter months.


What do you think of Barry M nail varnish?

Rating: 5/5



  1. I have never tried any Barry M cosmetics yet but id love to, your nails look great :) xx

    already following :)

  2. Hiya,

    Thank you for you comment and follow :D. I've just checked out your blog and you have some really amazing posts, I can't wait to read more of them - now following :)

    I'd definately recommend Barry M polish but personally I stick to their standard nail paint range (the varnish mentioned in my post is from this range). I'm not a fan of the effects ranges but that's just my personal opinion. I'll do a review on them sometime soon too.

    Kimberley xx

  3. I am absolutely in love with colour)))


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