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Friday, 1 March 2013

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Review


Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

The weather has been really awful lately and it is really taking it's toll on my lips. To help combat this I have been using Carmex.  If you haven't heard of this before, it is a lip balm which smooth's, relieves and moisturises your lips. 

The Carmex bran has been around for years and years and this product is now available in different forms - a stick, tube or tin.  It also comes in a variety of flavours such as original, strawberry and cherry.

I really love this product.  It makes my lips feel really smooth and when it's first applied they feel so fresh.  This is definitely a product I will continue to buy and is nothing like any other lip balms I have tried before.  The only downside is that I do have to re-apply it a few times during the day/evening, around 2-3 times.

I've heard that there was some press that this product has some bad chemicals in it. I don't know if that's true or not.. I've done some research and it seems that a different formula is made for different areas of the world.  A certain chemical is removed for Europe.  So, if you are thinking about buying this product you might want to take a look yourself and just make sure you're happy to use it.

The carmex tubes are currently available at Superdrug for a bargain price of £1.25 (normal price is £2.69 but they are on offer at the moment).

What is your favourite lip balm?



  1. LOVE Carmex! It's my lips' saviour every winter!

    - Terri x

  2. wow cant believe how cheap they are" even in primark they sell them for £2!

  3. I used to love carmex so much! I have however switched to the Blistex range instead as they seem to have different lip care for different needs, I especially love their Intensive Moisturiser and their Relief Cream. They are a similar price to carmex too :)

    C x

  4. I genuinely had never tried Carmex until last month, and then I had to use my brothers ha!
    Actually loved it - although still don't own one myself, that will change :)

  5. Hi! I am visiting and following you from the aloha blog hop:) Looking forward to more great post like this.


  6. I am dying to finally try this! I have super dry lips and I am curious to see how this would work on them! :)) Great post!


  7. thanks so much for the comments :) i think carmex is the only lip brand i haven't tried. i currently have 2 different vaselines, 2 nivea and a blistex on the go. so far vaseline seems to be the best - my lips just seem to need constant moisture! have you tried vasseline, nivea or blistex? If so which is the best in your opinion? x


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