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Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Blog Layout


Hello Everyone!

If you are reading this post and have visited my blog before then you would have noticed the new layout design and domain! I'm now at but you will also be redirected to my site when using the old link.

To match my new domain I fancied a change in the layout so I have spent the morning deciding on my new theme and creating the relevant graphics.  I am planning on making a couple of other minor changes but nothing major.

I would love to get your feedback on the new design - pro's and con's :)

To see my past layout please look here.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to mention Blog Lovin' to you.  There are a lot of rumous going around at the moment that GFC and Google Reader will be disappearing soon.  This means I will be losing all my lovely followers and you will no longer be updated when I do a new blog post.  Therefore, if you enjoy reading my blog can you please join me over at Blog Lovin?  Hopefully see you there :) Click here to follow.

I have done a review post today also, so you want to to take a look it is below this post :)


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  1. It looks fab and ooh own domain name, I am debating that too xx

  2. Your new layout looks great.
    I am also debating getting my own it simple to do? Im not even sure how to start and what cost would be involved. Any great tips??

    1. Thank you!!

      To be honest, It was a total pain and pretty stressful because I bought my domain through google and it didn't automatically link up like they said it would. It took me about three weeks to actually work out how to do it!

      I'm happy to help if you want? Just pop me an email :)


  3. I'd also love to know how to get my own domain name...preferably Holly Mixtures as opposed to the craziness I have now haha, although I think I may need to have slightly more followers etc. to justify it :/
    Love the new layout though, I had a lot of fun making mine a bit ago, and hope you did too :D

    1. Ooo Holly Mixtures is such a cute name!! They aren't expensive (around £10 for a year) so if you wanted to get one now you can!

      Aww thank you! I'll check out your new layout :)

      If you want any help setting up your domain pop me an email and i'll be happy to help.



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