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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser Review

Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser

Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser

Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser

Hello Everyone! How are you all? The weather in the UK has been a little odd lately, one day is warm, the next it's raining, then it's snowing and so on.  All this change in temperature etc has really taken its toll on my skin and I've noticed it has been a little drier than normal.  My current moisturiser wasn't doing much to help this so I decided to invest in a new one, the Clinique Superdefense.

I'm always drawn to Clinique because of the fresh and clean radiance that seems to come from their counters but hadn't tried any of their skincare products before so initially I just wanted some advice.  I spoke to a lovely lady at the counter and described my skin type and what I wanted to achieve from my moisturiser.  From this she recommended the Superdefense range.

The Clinique Superdense range is suitable for dry and combination skin, it contains SPF 25 and arms skin to fight the effects of sun, pollution and emotional stress.  This moisturiser also contains antioxidants and allows skin to protect itself from external aggressors.

Like many, if not all of Clinique's products this moisturiser is 'fragrance free', although when you smell it, it definitely does have a scent, just one that isn't highly perfumed like other lotions and potions you may have tried.  I think this 'plain' scent would appeal to most people and personally I really like it.

The formulation of Clinique Superdefense is very light and a cross between a lotion and cream.  It feels refreshing and cool when applied and glides easily over your skin.  It also absorbs very quickly.  In fact, I was really surprised at how quickly this moisturiser absorbs.  I can be pretty impatient when it comes to skin products because I'm so tired when I get in from work etc so the quicker the application the better!  The finish this moisturiser leaves is lovely too.  Your skin looks hydrated but not wet, greasy or oily.
Lastly, the packaging of the superdefense moisturiser is lovely.  It suits the Clinique brand perfectly with its clean, crisp lines and simple colour scheme.  I love the combination of the green and silver and the cute, compact little pot.  It makes this moisturiser feel special and expensive.

Overall I have been very impressed by this moisturiser since buying it a few months ago and I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin (I apply it twice a day).

The Clinique Superdefense moisturiser is available from Clinique and Boots at a price of £37.00 for 50ml or £20.00 for 30ml.

Have you tried this moisturiser? What is your current moisturiser?

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  1. I love your blog and clinque!

    check out my blog Albonnie <3

  2. I've not tried any skincare products from Clinique recently, but I always read rave reviews about them. I'm a little bit obsessed with La Roche Posay Skincare products at the moment :) xx

    Gemma | ♥

    1. oooh I haven't tried any products by La Roche Posay before. I'll have a look on your blog to see if you have done any review yet hehe



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