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Friday, 17 May 2013

James Brown Photo Fabulous Volumising Mousse Review

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well.  As I've mentioned many times before, I have fine hair so I am always looking for ways to add volume.  A product I have used on and off for years is mousse and the one I will be reviewing today is the James Brown Photo Fabulous Volumising Mousse.

The packging of the product is different from anything else on the market which really makes it stand out on the shelf.  Rather than going for your typical pinks or pastel's they have used black with neon orange which makes the packaging edgy and funky.

* some of the wording is chopped off in the above pic as I didn't originally plan to make a collage.

The texture of the James Brown volumising mousse is your typical white foam which expands in your hand.  It's scent is nice and lingers on your reminds me of the hair products used in salons. I'm sitting here with my boyfriend trying to work out how to describe this smell and we've both come to the conclusion it is unlike any other products and pretty hard to put your finger on.  My attempt would be a sweet, floral, musky fragrance which isn't overpowering.

This product works consistenly when teamed with a variety of shampoo's are conditioners (such as Elvive, James Brown and Charles Worthington) and can be used to add volume to the roots and length of your hair as well as create a messy, beachy waves look (read the tutoral here).

I apply the James Brown mousse to towel dried hair upside down.  I find this allows me to evenly distribute the product easier as I start from root to tip.  Following this I simply brush through my hair and dry it as normal.

There are two key things to remember when using mousse:
  1. Shake, shake, shake - You need to throughly shake mousse so when you pump it out it turns into a foam which expands rather than a wet mess. If you don't do this you won't get the volume you want.
  2. Quantity - Mousse can make your hair sticky if you use too much of it so you need to make sure you don't go overboard. It is very much down to trial and error but to give you a rough idea this is how much I use for my length hair:

I really like this product and I've been using it every time I have washed my hair for around two months.  If you use the correct quantity it doesn't leave your hair sticky or flat but I have found it does dry out my hair a little.  To fix this, I make sure I apply moroccan oil (read the review here).

What do you think of mousse? How do you add volume to your hair?

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  1. What a great review I might try this mousse it looks great. My hair is also quite fine too. I have tried james brown shampoos before and they are fab.

    My top volumising product is john friedas volumising shampoo – it’s the best I’ve ever used! Xxx

    Helen @

    1. I agree the shampoo's are great too and the conditioner!

      Thank you for the tip on the John Freida Volumising shampoo, I'll definitely try it! Watch this space haha!


  2. I've used the white packaging version of James Brown mousse before and loved it!! I never bought any more purely because I've been in hair rehab and tied it up for the last year haha...after my long rehab it will be back on my shelf!!

    Holly Mixtures



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