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Friday, 24 May 2013

A La Carte Cosmetics Exhibition

Hello Lovelies!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to a private viewing of A La Carte Cosmetics exhibition Colour and Culture this week to celebrate their 40th birthday and I have got some lovely stories and pictures to share with you.

A La Carte Cosmetic is a brand I had heard of before (they have been featured in Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire) but I hadn't seen any of their products as before now I didn't really have the opportunity.  You can therefore imagine my excitement when I was invited along to this event! A La Carte Cosmetics are a small company based in Knightsbridge and create both ready made and bespoke make-up.  Yes, you read that correctly.. you can actually create your own, perfect, one of a kind product. A La Carte Cosmetics also offer an advice service that sounds amazing.

At the event the history of the brand as well as the products and inspirations were displayed in a variety of creative ways ranging from wall art to screens to magazine clippings.  Here are a few pictures I took while I was there.  Luckily I managed to take quite a few before loads of people (and I mean loads) arrived so you can see the pieces really well!

This collage shows a a cascade of mini cupcakes (some of which had little lips on, cute!) , a collage of magazine clippings and finally wall art illustrating a time line history of the brand.. very creative!
A head sculpture inspired by Princess Diana, Wall art and photographs
The products.. don't they look amazing?! I Swatched some of these and they are gorgeous.. sooo many colours too! Such a pretty display to show them off!
The brochure and goodie bag :)

I did take more pictures but I didn't want to include everything incase some of you were thinking of going to the exhibition yourself :)

The A La Carte Cosmetics brand is well loved by celebrities and whilst chatting to some employee's there I heard some great stories.  Firstly, the comedian Lenny Henry had his very own foundation made as he couldn't find one to match his skin tone once he returned from his holiday,  Danny Minogue has created her own lipstick, U2 have popped by and maybe the most famous of all, Princess Diana spent some time in the Knightsbridge store before choosing a number of items.  This really added to the glamour of the evening!

I had a lovely time and I would like to thank A La Carte Cosmetics and the PR agency for inviting me along, it was a wonderful experience! If you would like to take a look at the exhibition it is running from the 22nd May - 26th May. Click here for more details.

The exhibition will be showcased in four parts: taking the viewer through the brand’s impressive history as well as unveiling a rich and fresh take on product knowledge, demonstration, and experimentation.
If you're interested in finding out a little more about A La Carte Cosmetics or taking a look at their products the link is 

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  1. Hi - heading here from Instagram! Great pics. It was really fascinating hearing some of the stories. Looking forward to checking out the boutique.

  2. What a fun exhibition! I would love to attend something like this!


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