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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky Eye Liner Review

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky Eye Liner

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky Eye Liner

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky Eye Liner
Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all well.  Things are still crazy busy for me at the moment as i'm trying to juggle work, life and revising and it's starting to take it's toll as I've felt under the weather the past few days.  Also, my wisdom teeth have decided to try and make an appearance all at the same time so it's pretty painful!

Anyway, enough rambling from me and onto today's blog post.  Today's review is on the L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky Eye Liners.

I love the L'Oreal brand, in fact it is actually one of my favourite high street brands as their products are always a high quality and the packaging is gorgeous.  The Le Smoky eye liners are no exception.   The packaging is a simple double ended pencil with a gold trim which is simple yet sophisticated.  One end is the eye liner and the opposite end has a small hard sponge which is pretty good at smudging out the eyeliner to create a more smokey look.

These eye liners are available in a small variety of colours including:
  • Brown Fusion - A dark chocolate brown
  • Mystic Grey - A dark charcoal grey
  • Black Velour - A deep black
  • Purple Dream - A dark purple

I have the first three above  and regularly use all of them.  I really love that this range includes an alternative to black as I often don't want such an intense eye for a day time look and therefore using a brown or grey eyeliner is perfect.  I go through phases of loving pencil eyeliner or liquid/gel and at the moment it is definitely the former.  The Le Smoky eye liners are definitely my 'go to' eye liner for this look.

The formulation of the L'Oreal eye liners are very soft and creamy so they are very easy to apply, even in the water line and are perfect to create a smokey look as they are easy to blend.  I often find that creamy eye liners are a nightmare to sharpen as they just melt away but somehow the Le Smokey ones stay perfectly formed so are super easy to sharpen. This is great because you have as little product wastage as possible. However, if you ever do find you struggle with sharpening, then pop your eye liner into the fridge or freezer and it will stiffen the product a little.

I also often find pencil eye liners can easily smudge after application and are not very long wearing but this isn't the case for the L'Oreal Colour Riche range. My eye liner easily lasts all day without any touch ups and doesn't move at all. This is perfect because I don't want to be worrying about my makeup moving and looking a mess.

Please ignore the state of my eyebrows.  The last time I got them threaded they made them uneven so I've been growing them out so when I got them done again it was easier to get them the same shape.  They look much better now, hurrah!

I love these eye liners and definitely think they are brilliant value for money.  This product is a permanent feature in my make-up bag!

You can buy the L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky eye liners from Boots for £4.99.

What do you think of these eye liners?

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  1. Ah these look really nice actually, good review

  2. I think they a gorgeous product any duo kind of products are loved by me and girl I feel you on the wisdom issues , been suffering with mine too .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Aww I hope your teeth feel better soon! It's horrible! Mine seem to have stopped now.

      Kimberley x

  3. I need these in my life! great post :)



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