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Friday, 26 July 2013

Beauty/Skincare/Haircare Tips #2

Beauty, Hair Care and Skin care Tips

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post contains 10 beauty/skincare/haircare tips and is the second post in the series.  To read the first post please click here

  1. Add structure to cheek bones - To help emphasise your cheek bones add bronzer under them and highlighter on the cheek bone (above your blusher).  Remember to blend so you don't have any harsh lines. 
  2. Helping your makeup last longer - You can help your makeup last longer by using primer before you apply your foundation, using powder after you have applied your foundation and use a setting spray once you have finished your makeup. 
  3. How to add volume to your hair - There are various ways to add volume to your hair such as using volumising shampoo and conditioner, root booster sprays, oomph powders and back combing.  Also, if you blow dry your hair upside down it helps (I do this every time I dry my hair!).
  4. How to dull down blusher - If you got a little over excited when applying your blusher to dull it down you can blend it out using either powder or your foundation.  It's best to use the excess that is on your brush (especially for the latter) rather than adding more product to do this.  Keep working at it and eventually your blusher won't look quite so bright. 
  5. Fuller lips - You can get fuller lips by using a lip liner.  These can be a little scary if you haven't used them before so start with a nude colour which you will be able to use with a variety of lipsticks.  To make you lips even fuller add a little lip gloss to the centre of your lips.  Alternatively, lip gloss makes you lips look plumper than lipstick when applied all over. 
  6. Always moisturise - It is a common thought that if you have oily skin you shouldn't moisturise but the opposite is actually true.  You should always moisturise, no matter what your skin type as it hydrates your skin.  When you skin is de-hydrated you actually produce more oil. 
  7. Stop mascara from clumping - To help prevent your mascara from clumping when you apply it start at the root of your eye lashes, look down, push your lashes gently against the brush and wiggle the brush when applying the product.  Also, get to know your mascara as they may require a slightly different type of application.  For example, some may look better with two coats, or a thin layer before using the above technique.  Practice makes perfect.
  8. Natural makeup - If you want a natural makeup look - go matte instead of shimmer and glitter - suggested by Boo @ Blooming Boo Boo
  9. Perfect lipstick application - Some bright shades of lipstick can be tricky to apply and it is very easy to get into a mess.  A top tip is to use a small detailing brush to apply your lipstick and you will get precise application and smudge free, crisp lines.
  10. Protect your skin - Your skin is delicate and goes through a lot every day.  Think about all the different products we are regularly adding and taking away and the effects they could have.  Therefore, it is really important that you use SPF on you skin, especially if you use strong products such as Liquid Gold by Alpha H that exfoliate and strip the skin.  You will be much more prone to burning so use as high a factor as possible.  Even though my moisturiser and foundation has SPF in, if I have used Liquid Gold I will also use at least factor 30 sunscreen too.

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