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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream


I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather! Today's review is on the Neutrogena concentrated hand cream which if I'm honest hadn't ever come across before.  It isn't a product I went out to buy either, it was more of an impulse buy at the till because I needed a new hand cream for my desk at work but kept forgetting to get some.

The packaging of this hand cream is pretty basic but I like the compact size as it is handy for travelling and can be neatly tucked away.  However, I am disappointed with the product itself. Hand creams that I have used in the past have always been more of a cream/lotion so I was surprised to see the formulation of this Neutrogena one is a transparent gel.  The consistency is very thick and it turns white before absorbing into the skin, which actually takes a while.  It works okay on the back of my hands but I do find a slightly greasy/sticky residue is left on the inside of my hands which takes a while to go and isn't ideal when I want to get on and work.  Instead, I feel like I don't really want to touch anything. You are only meant to use a tiny amount of this product to try and prevent this but I find it hard to find the right amount, which can be frustrating.  I either seem to use too much and end up having greasy hands or not enough so I don't get good coverage. The smell is also pretty bland to me.  It's not horrible but it definitely doesn't smell as nice as some of the other hand creams on the market such as Dove, Nivea and Jergens.

I will finish this tube of hand cream as it is only small but I wouldn't buy it again.  Instead, I'd rather stick to my usual cream/lotion formulations.

The larger size of the Neutrogena hand cream is available for £3.85.  It is 50ml rather than the 15ml miniature I have.

What do you think of this product?

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  1. I've used this before. Also disapointed. Don't think I purchased it again. I remember the formula being watery and sticky.
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  2. I love the soap and glory hand food cream works wonders


  3. I very like this hand cream :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  4. I've not used this cream but it doesn't sound that great. I love creams with gorgeous smells like L'Occitane Rose..that is to die for and me fav hand cream of all time

  5. OMG, how can anyone not like this? I suffer (in the winter) with the most cracked hands in the world, literally I can just move my fingers and my hands with crack and just bleed. THIS is the only product that has ever helped that. This isn't nor is it meant to be a normal hand cream that keeps your hands soft and smelling nice. It's definitely specially made for people that suffer very bad skin on their hands :) You probably found it smelling bland because you're aren't meant to use normal hand creams/perfumed products on broken skin, plus it STINGS so bad. I'm sad that you didn't like this because it's one of my favourite things ever, haha. But maybe one day if you ever had very bad skin on your hands, you'll try this then understand that it does exactly what it's meant to do :) I like your review though, very honest! Sorry for the massive comment. x


    1. No problem, I love to hear other people's opinions. I guess it just comes down to different skin types and personal preference x


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