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Saturday, 3 August 2013

First Impressions: MAC Cosmetics Limited Edition Veluxe PearlFusion Shadow Palette

Hello Lovelies!
Yesterday MAC released the Veluxe PearlFusion collection which as you can imagine by the name includes six gorgeous eyeshadow palettes which containing five complementary shades with either a matte or pearl finish.
The palettes available are:
-          Pastellux – Pink, champagne and liliac shades
-          Greenlux – Peach, green and gold shades
-          Brownlux – Peach/orange, gold and brown shades
-          Smokelux – Pink, bronze, grey and black shades
-          Pinkluxe -  Pink, violet, purple and plum shades
-          Bluelux – Silver, blue and black shades
All of the palettes are stunning and are a different style from any eyeshadow palettes I have seen at MAC before.  Instead of your stand round eyeshadows, each colour is a rectangular line sitting side by side which reminds me of the Shimmer Waves palettes available at The Body Shop.
The stand out palette for me being a neutrals girl is the Smokelux, which is the one a purchased yesterday, although it was a tough choice.  The five shades in the palette are perfect for both day and evening wear depending on the look you are going for and can be used as a highlighter, all over the lid or as a crease colour.
Unfortunately the shades do not have names but their descriptions from top to bottom in the palette are:
  • Frosty white pink/peach (frost/matte)
  • Taupe/Gold (shimmer/pearl)
  • Deep Bronze (shimmer)
  • Platinum (shimmer)
  • Carbon Black (matte)

Due to the pearl finish of the eyeshadow sadly they do not photograph well and the pictures really don't do them justice.. The Smokelux palette really is beautiful.. so much so that you don't actually want to touch it!
As with all MAC products, the packaging is sleek, professional and sturdy.  The palettes are a great size too so can be easily be used when travelling to create your perfect look whether it be for the day or night!
The limited edition Velux PealFusion palettes are available at MAC Cosmetics for £30.
Which one is your favourite? Do you like this collection?
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  1. This looks beautiful! I can imagine I'd also love the Brownlux shades, just wish everything wasn't so pricey mannnn :(

    Holly Mixtures


    1. Yeah it was expensive :( I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not because of the price.


  2. This looks beautiful! You'll have to do a look with it :) xx

  3. I love the look of the pallet, but the current one on my wish list is Stila in the light eye shadow palette.

    But i'm totally going to go to mac website and have a look at these! :L

    Great post thank you.

    Hazel X

  4. Hey hey I want that now!!!
    First time visiting your lovely space and I'm already "addicted" girl your layout is amazing!! Keep going with this amazing job!! :)

    With love, Bárbara

  5. I love these colors and they are beautiful on


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