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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Body Shop Hand Creams

The Body Shop Hand Creams

The Body Shop Hand Creams

The Body Shop Hand Creams

The Body Shop Hand Creams

You know the feeling that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is? Well I thought that as soon as I got an email from Voucher Codes about a free hand cream from The Body Shop.  I looked into it a little more to find the catch but there didn't seem to be one so I printed off a voucher and made my way to The Body Shop later that same day.  To my amazement when I approached the counter, handed over my voucher and asked for confirmation that there was no requirement to buy anything to receive the hand cream the lovely staff confirmed that it was true.  After picking the Almond scented one I left the shop a very happy lady indeed.

There are four hand creams to choose from which have different properties:

The scent of the almond cream is gorgeous.  It is sweet but not overpowering and also contains vitamin E which helps to nourish the hands and strengthen nails.  This is what sold this one for me. The formula is quite thin and wet but it absorbs very quickly leaving no residue on your hands.
This cream is much thicker than the others and has a subtle, pleasant scent.  It is most suitable for people who have very dry skin.
This cream has a fresh clean scent.  It is suitable for normal skin types and aims to make your hands feel fresh and clean.
The rose scent is beautifully fresh and summery and is suitable for normal skin.

Get the voucher for your free hand cream by clicking here.  The voucher ends on 30th September and the gift is only while stocks last.
Which hand cream do you like the sound of?
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  1. I love the body shop, will have to pick one of these up before the offer ends!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. The rose one sounds amazing!

    1. Yes, I think that will be a popular one! x

  3. I picked up the almond one he other day! love it, so nourishing but lightweight.


  4. i like the almond.. so smooth for my hand


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