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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bubb and Dimples Chillax Candle Review

Bubb and Dimples Oats and Honey Candle
Bubb and Dimples Oats and Honey Candle
Bubb and Dimples Oats and Honey Candle
Any regular readers of my blog or twitter will know about my love for candles.  I just can't get enough of them! I light them most evenings as I find them relaxing to watch and love as the aroma gradually fills the room.

One of my favourite candles at the moment is by Bubb and Dimples (what a wonderful name for a brand?!) and is called Chillax.  The scent of this candle is Oats and Honey which is beautifully sweet and perfumed without being too overpowering.  It is the kind of scent which is so nice, every time I walk past this candle I have to pick it up and have a smell. I must have picked it up about five times since starting this post!

Bubb and Dimples candles offer more than what meets the eye.  As well as being lit like your average candle, the organic formula is filled with essential oils, soy and shea butter so the wax can be used as a nourishing body oil to massage into your skin.  This makes this product feel very luxurious, special and different from most candles on the market.  Obviously when using the body oil you must be very careful it isn't too hot but at the point where it is warm it is the perfect treat to use all over your skin to moisturise and make your skin soft and smooth.

The simple packaging of the Bubb and dimples candles is gorgeous too.  I love the combination of the glass holder and silver writing.  It makes the product feel very expensive and suits the luxurious vibe well.

Other scents available at Bubb and Dimple are:

English Garden - This is pure Essential Oils of Moroccan Rose, a scent which carries you away to summer Rose Gardens and Orange and Red sun sets 

Pink Champagne - An invigorating  cocktail of fruity, zest scents leaving you rejuvenated a pleasant delicate smell

Breathe - This is full of Essential oils such as Lavender, Rose Geranium, Neroli and Lemongrass for total relaxation, perfect for a good nights sleep
All candles are available in large and travel sizes as well as gift sets.  I will definitely be ordering another Oats and Honey scent... it is so gorgeous part of me feels sad to light it because I don't want to use it up!
You can buy Bubb and Dimples candles from their website for £8.00.

What do you think of this scent and the double use of this candle?

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  1. Great review! This candle sounds awesome! I want it!

    Pips x

  2. I love candles and my favourite are those with spicy Xmas scents. This one sounds nice too, though! Love your piccies!
    New follower

    Gracie x

  3. Love the review, sounds great. thnks


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