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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hair Extensions, YAY or NAY?

My natural hair with no extensions

Having had long hair pretty much all my life I had never considered hair extensions as I always associated them with people who had short hair and wanted to add some length for a special occasion or something. However, this all changed when I watched a video about them by Fleur de Force and idea has stuck.  Fleur described how people with long hair can also benefit from hair extensions and how they can subtly change your look. Although, I have long hair, ideally I would like it to be another 2-3 inches long in length and fuller as it's fine, so suddenly I was very interested in something I previously didn't give a second thought about.  The above picture shows my natural hair (with no extensions). 

Since, I have been doing a lot of research including surfing the net, watching videos and asking friends and have found out that the most suitable hair extensions, although more expensive are those made from Remy, natural hair. Remy hair extensions ensure the hair follicles are all facing the same way so the quality is better and the hair is easier to maintain.  It makes sense because if you can imagine some of the roots being at the top of the extension when you brush or style them it's not the natural way the hair would grow, it's like brushing your own hair upwards instead of down which doesn't create a great effect and can damage your hair.

One website which offers a huge array extensions is Seek Hair.  I've never seen so many variants in styles (straight, curly, wavy etc) colour, lengths and weights.  Something else which is rather unique is that the hair is grouped by ethnicity, so there are Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Brazilian hair types available.  I am from the UK so I don't fit into these categories by the products sound great and have definitely given me a lot to think about. I didn't realise so much choice was available! 

Every time I see pictures of people wearing hair extensions they look lovely and most of the time you would never even guess they were wearing them which really adds to the appeal.  I would love to find out more about hair extensions.  For example, how to maintain them and how to make them look as natural as possible so I have a lot more knowledge to gain but it is fun to research and get to know a different product than what I am used to.  It really does give you food for thought and it seems buying extensions isn't as simple as it may first look.

Before I consider hair extensions I have a lot more learning to do to make sure I find the ones that are best for me and actually decide whether I really do want/need them.  If I'm honest I still haven't 100% made up my mind whether to get any but we shall see. If I do buy any it will definitely be clip in ones as you have more flexibility when to wear them and they sound very simple to use.

What are your thoughts on hair extensions, yay or nay?  What do you think of people with long hair wearing extensions? 

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  1. I used to have extensions but because my hair is so thick you could really tell i had them

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. I really cannot stand hair extensions, the thought creeps me out that I have other people's hair on my head *shudder* xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Haha yeah that part does gross me out a bit but they are washed etc loads of times.


  3. I would love to try hair extensions. I have long hair, but its thin so I think they would be great to add some volume.

    1. That's the same as me. I think if you can find ones that look natural they look good x

  4. definitely a YAY. Those hair extension looks perfect on you. Just one question, did you do that yourself?


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