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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boots Botanics Eye Make-up Remover Review

Boots Botanics Eye Make-up Remover

Boots Botanics Eye Make-up Remover

Any regular readers of my blog will know that I've been trying out different eye make-up removers lately as I am yet to find one I like.  I've mentioned before about trying to the popular Bioderma but I haven't got around to ordering it yet so have been trying out different ones from the high street.

I have sensitive skin and often wear make-up that is hard to remove, in particular some of my mascara's are a little tricky so I need a remover that is strong enough to properly clean but not make my eyes sore and irritated.  The Boots Botanics Eye Make-up remover seemed perfect.  It is suitable for all skin types, is brightening and even claims to remove waterproof mascara.

Naturally, I had high hopes for this product and looked forward to trying it the same evening I had purchased it.  Unfortunately, I was left disappointed.  The Botanics eye make-up remover is oil based and as a result left my eyes feeling very greasy and slimy.  I've used oil based removers in the past and if I'm honest I'm not a fan of them but usually they are just about bareable.  This one, however, is not.  I had trouble removing the residue and found that not all of my make-up had been taken off either.  As a result, sadly this eye make-up remover isn't one I will be repurchasing, in fact, I haven't used it since. It's a real shame because it is a good price and readily available.

The Boots Botanics eye make-up remover can be purchased from Boots for £2.66.

Have you tried this remover?
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  1. I'm on the hunt for a good eye makeup remover that does all that you described above..if you find one then please let me know!
    Becka x

    1. Apparently there is one by L'Oreal which is amazing! X

  2. I've tried this out before and was disappointed too, it left my eyes really oily! x

  3. i haven't used an eye makeup remover regularly since I purchased my clinique take the day off balm because that removed my eye makeup with no problems.


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