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Friday, 25 October 2013

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer Review

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer  swatch

The summer may be well and truly over and some people may think bronzer should only used in those months but it's actually a product that can be used all year around.  Everyone in the blogging world including myself has raved about NARS Laguna bronzer and whilst that is my favourite, another which I enjoy using is Soap and Glory Solar Powder.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder is a product that has both pros and cons for me.  Let's start with the latter. Whilst, I like the original shell shaped packaging I do find it annoying because it has no catch on it so it can literally just flap open.  This makes this is a product I refuse to take in my make-up bag otherwise I end up in a big bronzer mess.  It's such a shame because a mirror is also included in the lid of the packaging and it's one of those products which is always good to pop in your hand bag for use on the go but it's one thing that definitely does put me off using it on occasions.

Now the negatives are out of the way let's move onto the positives.  Soap and Glory Solar Powder is actually two toned so you have a light beige which contains a subtle shimmer as well as a darker matte brown.  You can easily use these colours separately but I tend to swirl my brush in the pan to get an even mixture of both as they work really well together.  You get a huge amount of product so this bronzer will last a very long time as you only need to use very little and the embossed 'S&G' finishes off this product really nicely.

The formulation of the powder is very soft and blendable so it is very easy to use and it gives you a very natural sun-kissed look.  As you can see in the swatch picture above the colour is very subtle so is perfect for people with pale skin or those who are new to using bronzer and don't want to use anything too heavy or risk looking orange.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder is a really great high street bronzer and available at Boots for £11.00.

What do you think of this bronzer?
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  1. All of their products look so nice! I just wish they weren't so expensive haha! Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. I've only tried the S&G lip products so far, but I'm very happy with them, so am definitely interested in checking this out once my Bourjois bronzer is no more :o). Xx

    1. Cool! I hope you like it if you try it! I agree the lip products are amazing x

  3. I love this!! looks like I need to get this!

  4. This looks so great! I am so bummed that we can't get this in the US.

  5. the swatch looks gorgeous! i do want to try their makeup but they seem a bit pricey

  6. Pleasure in without problem, you'll need to remove DRM iTunes Last week, I have actually tried.


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