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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Body Shop Honey Mania Haul

A picture of The Body Shop Honey Mania products

A picture of The Body Shop Honey Mania Bath Melt and Body Scrub

A picture of The Body Shop Honey Mania Bath Melt

A picture of The Body Shop Honey Mania Body Scrub

A picture of The Body Shop Honey Mania Lip Balm

So when I popped into The Body Shop recently to pick up a free hand cream with a voucher I had I spent some time browsing until I spotted the well talked about Honey Mania range.  I had actually forgotten all about it which is surprising because I am a big fan of honey scented products (I've raved about my love for the Lush honey bath bombs on here a few times.. I'm a little obsessed with them)
but have read quite a few blog posts about them so was intrigued.  As soon as I smelt it I was in love.  The scent definitely has honey tones but it isn't strong or overpowering and is actually dulled a little by some floral scents too... amazing. 

It was too tempting not to purchase some, the trouble was.. what ones? At first I opted for the bath melt because I've never tried that and it looked so luxurious... like liquid gold and then I picked up a body butter (standard, right?). After showing my boyfriend he responding with 'do you REALLY need another body butter?' to which I agreed.. They last an awful long time and I do already have the Peach and Coconut scents from the range but what could I get instead? That's when I spotted the exfoliator.. perfect! I didn't actually see it previously or even realise that they did them, it seems pretty obvious in hindsight, though.  So, I got those two products on the offer (buy one get one half price) and also popped in a lip balm for good measure which I used before I even got home.. it's gorgeous!

Well done on this amazing range The Body Shop.  I am SO happy this is a new edition to the permanent range! View the range here.

What do you think of this range?
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  1. I have not used the Body Shop for years, I think I need to re-visit a shop and check our their ranges..

    I have just started an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY, I hope you will enter..

  2. Lovely picks :)

    New Post Up:

  3. I love honey so think I may use my discount code on something from this range :) xx

  4. The Honeymania stuff smells AMAZING!!

  5. I got mine in the mail and just started trying this out.

    1. ooo hopefully they will arrive soon! How exciting! x

  6. Looks lovely! :)

  7. Ooh, this looks incredible! The scent sounds right up my alley and the textures look beautiful. Definitely have to check this collection out :)


  8. Now I have to go to the Body Shop and take a look at these for myself haha thank you so much for the post! xx

  9. I've only bought the EDT from this range and didn't like it at all. Apparently some of the other products from the range smell nicer though so I might have to give some of the other Honeymania products a go :


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