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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Winter Blues / Do you use fake tan in Winter?

holiday tan

It's that time of year when the winter blues starts to set in.  I'm definitely a sun bunny. I love having a tan and wearing pretty dresses and clothes without having to team them with a hat, coat, scarf and gloves in order to keep warm.  When it first gets colder it's a different story.  I actually secretly enjoy getting out my winter wardrobe and re-discovering all the items I haven't seen for the past year.  It's like shopping without having to spend any money! However, now the novelty is starting to wear off and I'm not enjoying the freezing cold mornings, dark nights and ghostly pale skin.

I naturally have olive skin so tan very well as you can see in the pictures above from my last holiday.  I usually then use a little fake tan to maintain the tan a little longer or even just to give my skin a subtle bronzed glow, but what to do in Winter?  I've never been a big fake tanner in Winter but I think this year that will change.  I'm much paler than normal because I haven't actually been on holiday this year and I always feel much happier with a tan. It also dawned on me that fake tanning in Winter is actually probably the best time of the year to do it if you're trying out new products as it is so easy to cover up any mistakes or mishaps. 

One range I was recently introduced to which is said to be a great fake tan with a professional finish is Kissed By Mii (what a cute brand name?!) and is one that I may well try out during these Winter months in time for when the party season starts. Some people make think it's odd to tan at this time of year but I'm looking forward to having a subtle glow and still having tanned legs when wearing those party dresses!

Click here to take a look at the 'Kissed by Mii' fake tan range.

Will you be fake tanning this Winter? Have you got the Winter blues?

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  1. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here x

  2. I usually tan in the winter but this year I've been embracing the pale! I will be tanning for all the Christmas parties etc though! I would hate my pasty white legs to be out! Haha!

  3. I usually just get a spray tan for special events. Otherwise I'm pasty and glow in the dark. :)

    1. Lol bless you! I haven't had a spray tan for years x

  4. Oooh your tan is gorgeous girly!! I'm naturally quite olive skinned as well and gawdddd I miss my tan :( I did go on holiday but mine's already gone and legged it.
    Destined to be pale.

    On saying that I've never used fake tan! I have the urge though seeing these gorgeous tanned pictures ahh...

    Holly Mixtures


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