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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dune Black Roll up Rhinestone Embellished Ballerina Shoes Review

Dune Black Roll up Rhinestone Embellished Ballerina Shoes

Dune Black Roll up Rhinestone Embellished Ballerina Shoes

All girls who wear heels will know that even though they look fabulous at the beginning of the night, by the end your feet ache and if you're really unlucky you may have some blisters and cuts too.  In the past I have always carried on struggling through the night because I don't like to take off my shoes which really isn't good for my feet and is very uncomfortable. This got me thinking about alternative footwear and ideally something which would fit into my evening bag.  I'd heard of roll up shoes before but had never looked into them but when I saw House of Fraser had a big sale on it seemed like the ideal time to get looking for a pair.  This is where I found these beautiful rhinestone embellished ballerina pumps by Dune. 

The pumps are black so will go with any evening outfit I wear which is exactly what I wanted.  I also like the extra detailing of the rhinestones and bow because it makes these shoes pretty and attractive.  These are exactly the style of pumps I would usually choose.  The shoes also come with a little bag to carry them in which is nice for storage but it is a little bulky to fit in a hand bag and it also isn't big enough to fit heels in so I never take it out with me.

These Dune ballerina shoes are pretty compact when rolled up so can easily slot neatly into a clutch bag such as this Michael Kors one.  Before trying on the pumps I assumed they may pinch because they do not lay flat but they are extremely comfortable and on every occasion I have worn them have been a life safer.  My friends are now all going to invest in a pair too as they are the perfect addition to your hand bag and definitely a must have for me now!

You can buy these pretty roll up ballerina pumps from Dune for £25.00.

What do you think of these pumps?
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  1. Wow love these they would come in so handy on nights out or going out for dinner if your feet are sore :D xx
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  2. That's such a good idea - heels are stunning but the uncomfiest style of shoe around haha!

  3. These are so pretty I love them and how perfect that they just fit in oh our bag x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. oo what a great idea! + they are gorgeous! L xo

  5. These are so appealing I like them and so perfect that they just fit in the bag.



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