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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Look Microwavable Wheat Owl Review

New Look Heat Up Owl

Over the past couple of weeks the temperature has definitely dropped in the UK and I am really feeling the chill. I am one of those people that always seems to be cold unless I'm relaxing on a beach in a hot climate so I try and find as many ways as possible to keep warm.

One thing I love are these microwavable animals that I noticed started appearing in stores a few years ago.  Others I own have a removable pouch full of beans you microwave but this adorable owl is simpler to use because you simply put the whole thing in the microwave for up to two minutes and it's toasty warm! It also has a subtle scent of lavender so is really relaxing to use in the evenings whilst chilling in front of the TV with some candles alight.

You can buy this adorable owl from New Look for £9.99.  It is definitely a cute alternative to the traditional hot water bottle!

What do you do to keep warm in the winter?
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  1. Sooo cute - I wonder if they have them in other animals too. I know if I got this one my cat would be all over me in a heart beat :o). Xx

  2. I have a Dalmatian one from La Senza a couple of year ago. I love them x

  3. This is too cute! I am in love with my heated blanket in the winter.

  4. This looks adorable. I do think it would be more practical to microwave a removable pack... otherwise I'd probably have to make sure the microwave was 100% clean before I popped the cute little owl in there. I get really picky about things like that haha.

  5. Adorable! I have the cat one which my friend bought me for my birthday :) xx


    I keep seeing this, would love one if they made a fox version. ^_^


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