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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tesco Damson and Pomegranate Jar Candle Review

Tesco Damson and Pomegranate Jar Candle

Tesco Damson and Pomegranate Jar Candle

Knowing my love of candles when my boyfriend came back from doing our Tesco shop last month much to my surprise he had picked up this Damson and Pomegranate Jar Candle for me (how sweet?!).  I've never used any of these candles before and couldn't wait to try it, especially because of the resemblance it has to the Yankee Candles.

This candle has a gorgeous bright purple colour which I love and is large in size. Initially, I wasn't too sure what to expect from the scent as I have no idea what damson or pomegranate smells like but if I was to describe it I would say it is the spitting image of the purple smelly, grape gel pen I had as a child! Leave a comment below if you know the ones I'm talking about! The scent is subtle so although you can smell it as it burns it doesn't fill the room with a strong aroma.

The burn time of this candle is meant to be up to 90 hours which isn't much for a candle this big but personally I think it will burn much longer as it reduces very slowly even after burning for several hours. Unlike the Yankee Candles, however, the wax doesn't melt to the edge of the jar so you are left with a large amount around the edge which is pretty wasteful unless like me you scrape it out and put it closer to the centre.  It's a bit of a palaver but it's worth it.

Priced at only £5.00 this candle is very cheap when compared to Yankee Candle but I was a little disappointed with how subtle the scent is and the way the wax melts unevenly. Still a very thoughtful gift, though :)

What do you think of this candle?
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  1. Oooh I really do love a good candle post! I had no idea tesco did candles like this so I am definitely going to have a mooch next shop at the other scents!
    (I remember those smelly gel pens!) xx

  2. The scent sounds really nice. I do hate when candles don't melt evenly!

  3. Lol it's annoying they melt in all angles !
    Not keen on my sainsbury candle as it was barely there the scent
    I remember those gel pens !

  4. Haha, I remember those pens! It's a really pretty candle, but I know what you mean about the scent. My mum has a candle like this from Tescos and it comes out during power cuts. I've never noticed it smellig of anything but it's meant to be grape or something :)

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