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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Winter Project - My Favourite Winter Nail Varnish / Essie Sexy Divine Review

Essie Sexy Divine

You may have seen some talk on Twitter about a hashtag called #TheWinterProject which is a series of Winter related posts that multiple people who are taking part will blog about on the same day.  The posts will go live every Tuesday and include a variety of subjects ranging from outfits to make-up so keep your eyes peels in the blogging world for more posts similar to this one. 

This weeks subject is your favourite Winter Nail Varnish which meant spending a lot of time sorting through my collection and taking far too long to choose a polish.  In winter I tend to wear a variety of colours ranging from berry tones, pale pastel shades and nudes and I found it really difficult to pick because I hadn't actually started to properly wear my Winter shades yet but a polish which stood out from the rest which I in fact re-discovered is Essie Sexy Divine.  This is a gorgeous rich purple shade with pink undertones which reflect in the light and is very pretty.  I love wearing it both during the day and evening and the deep tones perfect.  It isn't too light nor too dark to appreciate the beautiful purple

The finish of this polish is a very shiny, block colour with a subtle shimmer and looks great on it's own or when teamed with other colours such as the gold I did on my accent nail in the picture above. When the formulation is compared with other Essie polishes in my collection I find it to be the thickest of them all, meaning you can easily get away with one coat, however, two does give the perfect flawless finish.  As for how quickly this polish chips.. so far I have been wearing it for 7 days and there isn't one chip which is very impressive.

Essie Sexy Divine is definitely a polish I will be wearing a lot over the next few months.  If you would like to purchase this polish it is available at Superdrug for £7.99.

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