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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Yankee Candle Wish List

Yankee Candle Wish List

It will come to no surprise to regular readers of my blog that I have a candle wish list.  Although there are loads of candle brands I love, this post is dedicated to Yankee Candle because sitting in front of me as I write this post one of my favourites 'A Child's Wish is burning.  Yankee Candle are an amazing brands due to the huge array of scents and sizes of candles they offer.  I love that there is something for everyone and every time I go shopping and pass them on a shelf I can't resist giving them a smell.  I just wish there was a shop purely for Yankee Candle so you had a chance to smell every fragrance as there are a lot more available online than I have ever seen in any stores.

My favourite scents tend to be floral but as we're nearing Christmas I want to try some spicier ones to match the season.  It will also be nice to try something a little different!

As a side note, today is my birthday! Eeeeek!

What are your favourite Yankee Candles?
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  1. I just bought Sugared Apple and Snow in Love and they’re lovely scents. Snow in love is going into the bedroom though and sugared apple is replacing Mackintosh spice which is another gorgeous smell! :)


    1. Ooo they sound lovely! I've never smelt those ones!


  2. That cinnamon stick one sounds amazing!

  3. I really would love a Yankee Candle at the moment as well, I really want the Christmas Eve one. I am starting to get all christmasy bits for my room! Love this post and happy birthday by the way x

    1. Christmas Eve sounds amazing!!

      Aww thank you! xx


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