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Monday, 16 December 2013

Bioderma Review

Bioderma Crealine H20 Micelle Solution is a cult beauty product which is very well known and popular in the blogging community.  It is something I have had my eye on for a long time but as it wasn't readily available in the UK until recently it wasn't easy to try it. Although it is now possible to get it, I was a little put off by the price and postage prices so again, I put off buying it for a while but that all changed a few weeks ago when my went to France and kindly brought this product back for me.
This 'holy grail' product is available in a variety of sizes and I have the largest 500ml version.  The packaging is simple and no fuss which I really like and the combination of pink and white looks good together.  The dispenser is a small hole at the top which allows you to drop the liquid onto your cotton pad which works well but can sometimes result in you using a little too much if you aren't careful.
Bioderma is a water-like solution which acts as both a cleanser and make-up remover in one.  It is suitable for sensitive skin as it is boasted the formula is gentle and fragrance-free which I definitely agree with.  This product works very well with my sensitive skin and doesn't cause any redness, stinging or soreness, no matter how often I use it.
The micellar solution is described as being able to capture and emulsify makeup dirt and oil while still maintaining the skin's natural balance.  It is also often promoted as a formula that can remove makeup in one simple swipe, even water resistant eye make-up which is quite some claim.  I was a little wary of this statement but I've heard many You Tubers and many bloggers say it and recommend this product I had high hopes. Whilst I find Bioderma to be soothing, refreshing and cooling on my skin, unfortunately it doesn't remove my make-up in one swipe.  I have tried using a combination of different eyeshadows, liners and mascaras (all of which have not been waterproof) and every time have found that Bioderma is very good at removing the make-up but it does take around four cotton pads to make sure the area is entirely clean. 
Despite having to attempt to remove the makeup several times I think this product is great.  This is because the solution is so gentle on my skin I am never left with sore, irritated eyes like so many other eye make-up removers I have tried in the past.  You are also not left with any kind of greasy residue so your eyes feel fresh and clean.  Additionally, to remove your make-up, if you wish you can simply hold the formula to your eye and it melts away, there is no need to rub your eyes in any way which is perfect because the skin around your eyes is very delicate. I also live that you can also use it on your face  so this remove is multi-purpose.
I would definitely repurchase Bioderma. You can buy it in the UK online at Escentual for up to £14.50.
What do you think of Bioderma?

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  1. I am just not sure I need a Micellar water when I cleanse and tone every night (as well as moisturise obv) x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I have a small bottle of this and I agree - it definitely takes about half a dozen cotton pads to remove a full face of makeup. I do like it for those nights I'm just too tired to go through my whole make up removal routine.

  3. I love this stuff! It makes my skin feel so clean! Great review! :)

  4. Lovely :)

    New Post Up:

  5. Nice review! I've been using this recently too and love how gentle it is! xo



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