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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Games

Christmas Board Games

Today's post is a little different from my usual ones but with Christmas fast approaching and a pile of board games sitting in the lounge from a recent games night with friends it inspired me to write today's blog post.

Every Christmas we have several family traditions in my house and one of them is to play a variety of games on the evening of Christmas Day.  I love this tradition as it is a really fun way to get all the family together joining in and it soon escalates into lots of competitiveness and laughter!  I haven't included all of the games we play here as I didn't have them easily available but here are some of my favourites.

We really enjoy playingcard games because there are loads to choose from and the difficulty of them varies as well as the length.  Some of the ones we tend to play are Kings, Rummy, Chase the Ace and Pontoon (21's)

Pass the bomb
This is a favourite of mine and my niece and it's a game that really makes you think.  The aim is to pass the bomb from person to person and when you're holding it you have to make a word from the letters on the card in front of you.  If you fail to pass the bomb onto the next person before the time runs out you lose and take a card.  The person with the least cards at the end of the game wins.

Articulate is a team based game and is really fun to play.  You have a board that you have to move around and the space you land on dictates the type of questions you answer.  They vary from describing people, objects, actions and more.  The aim is for one member of your team to describe the word/s e.g. 'Harry Potter' to the rest of their team within the time limit.  The more the team get right the more spaces you move around the board.
The Logo Board Game
This is a fun game for all the family and is based on your knowledge of brands. The type of questions vary from pictures and words but the aim is for your team to get around the board first.  Some of the questions in this game can be challenging but it is a good laugh.
The Million Pound Drop
This one will be obvious for anyone who has watched the show on Channel 4.  You start with a some of fake money and the aim is to bet it on up to three different answers to a question.  You keep the money you allocated to every correct answer until eventually you either complete the game or run out of cash. 

What is your favourite game?

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  1. i love playing board games around christmas time - it brings all the family together :)

  2. Lovely games :)

    New Post Up:

  3. I wish we played games at christmas! My family is boring! x


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