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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Scaredoo Tangle Hair Brush Review

Scaredoo Tangle Hair Brush

Scaredoo Tangle Hair Brush
Above: The 'Paddle' hair brush (apologies for the stray hair in this photo)

Scaredoo Tangle Hair Brush
Above: 3 tier bristle system to remove tangles

Having long luscious locks to tame can be a bit of a chore at times especially after washing it because I find my hair can be full of knots and tangles. Likewise, after sleeping on my hair if I haven't tied it up and have had a restless night my hair can look a little worse for wear.  My saviour, however, has got to be either my Tangle Tweezer or Scaredoo Hair brushes.  I have spoken about the Tangle Tweezer before so won't go into more details, if you want to read about it you can read the review here, instead this post will focus purely on the Scaredoo equivalent.

The Scaredoo hairbrushes are available in 5 bold colours but my favourite is definitely the hot pink and lilac one.  It's ergonomic design means I find this brush is light weight and comfortable to hold and due to it's compact size it fits nicely in my handbag so is great to take out and about with me.

This Scaredoo brush sports a unique flip and finish 2-in-1 brush system so it is perfect for removing tangles or simply brushing my hair. To use, you simply remove the lilac section of the brush, turn it over and slot it back into place. One side of the brush (the second picture above) shows your standard bristles which works as a normal hairbrush to glide through the hair ans is suitable for styling whereas the counter side has three tiers of bristles which when put into contact with the hair aim to remove tangles. 

I love this brush and think it would be suitable for both children and adults alike. I find it removed tangles in a pain free way, is easy to use and a great addition to my hair care routing.   It's a little late, being Christmas Eve but it would be the perfect stocking filler. You can buy the Pretty Pink Scaredoo Hairbrush from their website for £10.99.
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  1. I always get a little scared when I see tangle removers like this but I keep hearing good reviews about them. I might give this a try on my 'way-too-long" hair. Great review Kimberley and Merry Christmas!


  2. This looks amazing! My hair always gets so knotty but I suffer from a lot of hair loss so I would love to try something like this which is more gentle on my hair :) have an amazing Christmas and I can't wait to read your posts throughout 2014 <3

  3. My hair is so so knotty and this looks amazing, have a brilliant new year and i'm followig you here and on blog lovin so ill look forward to more posts from you


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