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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Review

Hello Everyone!

One of my best friends, Nikki bought me this gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden gift set back in November and I really wanted to share it with you.  I haven't used all of the products yet so I'm not going to do any reviews on them today but here are some pictures of the goodies I got!

This gift set was available at Boots - I don't know if they still have them or not but last time I was in there (beginning of Jan) they did!.

Have you tried any Sanctuary Spa products? What is your favourite?


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ooooooh I've won a Giveaway!

:: Giveaway Win ::

Hello Everyone!

I recently won a giveaway which was held by the lovely Annabelle.  Annabelle has a really brilliant blog and is a great girl so please take a look at her site :)

I still can't believe I was lucky enough to win! It came at a really good time too as I hadn't had the best of weeks so Annabelle's news really cheered me up!

Here are the wonderful goodies I won.  I will be doing a review on all of them at some point:

 Make up bag - I got this adorable floral make-up bag.  I just love it! It's so pretty and   is wipe clean too so really practical.  I'm already storing some of my make up in it!

 Rimmel Nail Varnishes - I got these three gorgeous Rimmel polishes.  These aren't usually shades I would choose as I tend to lean towards pinks but I really love them.  I can't wait to try them all!

 MUA blushes - I've already had a sneaky try of one of these lovely MUA blushes and I can already tell these are a product I am going to do a lot.  Again, such pretty colours!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Candles Haul


Hi Everyone!

Today's post features some gorgeous candles I absolutely love!  Two are the famous Yankee candles in different sizes and the third is from the well known store, Marks and Spencer.

The biggest candle (in size medium) has a fragrance called 'A Child's Wish'.  This smell is meant to remind you of childhood days playing in the back garden surrounded by gorgeous smelling flowers. Personally, I would describe this fragrance as being like a meadow filled with an array of beautiful flowers with a slight hint of apple. It is amazing. I can't stop smelling it and I just love it!  The fragrance also matches the colour of this candle perfectly, a pale, slightly shimmery green. 

The packaging of this candle is really nice too. It comes in a lovely glass jar with a lock in glass lid which not only looks nice when the candle is displayed or burning but also to store things in once it's all used up! The burn time of this size jar is 65-90 hours and it is priced at £16.99 at Clinton Cards. Smaller and bigger versions are also available.

The second Yankee candle is 'True Rose'.  The name says it all about the fragrance, the beautiful smell of fresh roses. The colour of this candle is a gorgeous highly pigmented matte, red and comes in a nicely sized glass jar with a plastic lid.  Again, this jar is re-useable once you've finished your candle so you really can make the most out of this product. This candle is priced at £9.45 at Clinton Cards. Smaller and bigger versions are also available.

Lastly, the cream candle in the pink/burgundy jar is from Marks and Spencer.  It doesn't smell of anything, I just think it looks really pretty in the glass!  I bought this sometime last year so I'm afraid I can't remember the price now.. I think it was somewhere around the £12.00 mark but I could be wrong, it doesn't look like it's on the website anymore either although there are variations of it if you're interested in taking a look.

What is your favourite candle?

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review


By now, I'm sure the majority of people in blog world would have heard of if not tried one of the lip lacquers from Rimmel's Apocalips range.  The two which caught my eye are Nova (the paler one) and Apocaliptic. These lip lacquers featured in one of my haul posts and a review on them was requested by a number of people - thank you! :)

I love the packaging of these lip lacquers.  The bottom of the tubes are transparent so you can see the exact colour of the product and the lid is also really cool and different.  It catches the light really nicely and makes you feel like you've bought something special.. not just another lip product.

These are both gorgeous pink colours which are extremely pigmented. The applicator is perfect for precision because it is a small sponge doe foot.  This allows you to neatly put the product onto your lips and it doesn't pick up any unnecessary excess. This lip lacquers are also long lasting.  I find they last 5-6 hours before needing to be re-applied which is great!

I also really like the smell of these lip lacquers.. it isn't particularly strong but it is fresh and reminds me of watermelon!  This product is long lasting.. I don't have to re-apply for a good few hours which is great!

Here's what the product looks like on my lips:



I really love the Rimmel Apocalips range and I would love to add more to my collection.  'Big Bang' which is a gorgeous red is on my Wish List now :)

What do you think of these lip colours?

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

FOTD // Revlon Kissable Lip Stain


Revlon Kissable  Lip Stain

Hi Everyone!

Here is my first FOTD post.  I hope you like it.  The makeup I am wearing is:


 Moisturiser/Primer: Nivea Hydrating Primer and moisturiser.  Read the review
Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (Ivory)
 Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste (No.1 Fair)
 Powder: MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Natural (Medium Plus)
 Blusher: Nars Deep Throat


    Please ignore the state of my eyebrows.... I'm in the process of growing them out.

 Eyeshadow primer: Urban Decay Priming Potion (Original)
 Eyelid: Rimmel Scandelize Shadow Pencil (Beige)
 Outer quarter and crease: MUA shade 4
 Eye Liner: L'Oreal Colour Riche LeSmoky (Brown)
 Mascara: 17 Va Va Voom (Brown/Black)
Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil (Brown/Black)
 Eyebrow set: MAC brow settling gel


 Lipscub: LUSH popcorn Lip scrub
 Lip Balm: Carmex
 Lip Stain: Revlon Kissable Lip Stain (Lovesick Passionee)

What do you think of this look?


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hello Beauty Lovers!

There's been a lot of hype about the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation so I was really interested to see what this product was like.  I had never tried any foundations by Rimmel before either so I was excited to try something new.

Let's start with the packaging.  This foundation comes in a gorgeous curved glass bottle which makes the product feel like it is much more expensive than it is.  The orange lid contrasts nicely against the foundation which I really like, it's something different.  The pump is brilliant! You can control how much product you want to dispense it really is great, so much better than some I have tried.

The formulation of this foundation is lovely.  It isn't too thick or thin and it blends nicely into your skin.  It is a really easy product to work with and  it doesn't dry too fast. This is a really important element I look for in a foundation.  I hate it when I'm forced to rush with a product as I find that they tend not to blend very well and end up looking patchy and clogged.  I would say this gives medium coverage but is buildable.

This foundation does have a slight fragrance which you can smell on application but it is really nice and reminds me of Chanel's Vitaluminere Aqua scent. Personally, I don't mind if products have a fragrance but if you do then this isn't a foundation for you.

I have combination skin and I find this foundation works really well for me.  It doesn't cling to dry patches and it doesn't make my oily areas worse.  It gives you a nice natural looking glow which helps brighten up your face.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides I've found with this product. The first is that the colour range isn't that vast so some people may struggle to find a match, this is a real shame because this is a lovely product and it would be great if it was available to a wider audience.  Ivory matches my skin tone perfectly so this isn't a problem for me but I'm sure it will be for other people.. 

Secondly, I have found that teamed with my Nivea Moisturiser and Primer (see the review here) it doesn't have very good staying power at all.  This is really disappointing as this primer works well with other foundations I have tried.  By the afternoon i'm having to re-apply the Wake me Up foundation which is a pain but I definitely want to try it out with a different primer (any suggestions of a good one to try?) as I think this could make all the difference!

Overall, I'm really pleased with this foundation, I just wish it would stay on a little longer.

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation is available from Boots for £8.99.

What is your favourite foundation and primer?

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Valentines Day Chocolates


Valentines Day Chocolates

This is just a quick post to share the Valentines chocolates I was lucky enough to get.  They are so pretty I just couldn't resist writing a post about them!

Valentines Day Chocolates

They are too pretty to eat!!

By the way, I've just set up a Facebook page for my blog if you want to follow on there.  Admittedly, there's not much on there at the moment as I've literally just set it up.  Would love it if some people could join:

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Thursday, 21 February 2013



Today's post is a review on some Lush goodies I bought recently.  I've only started shopping in Lush about a year ago as I was always put off by the overpowering smell as you walk past.  I really regret not trying out their products sooner, though, because they actually have some really nice things that are all freshly handmade. Here are a couple I love plus a sample I was kindly given.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Soap - This is my all time favourite Lush product. The smell is amazing (of honey plus a perfumed fragrance) and I have been through quite a few bars of this soap... I could quite happily smell it all day! Haha.  It lathers up nicely and leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. It is priced at £3.40 per 100g.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb - I love using bath bombs and Lush offer so many variations.  The latest one I have tried is the Limited Edition Secret Garden one for mothers day. This bath bomb has a gorgeous fresh, floral smell with ingredients including rosewood oil, raspberry petals and sweet wild orange oil.  These are priced at £2.50 each.

Sample pots - Lastly, I was kindly given a couple of sample pots of the fair trade honey liquid shampoo.  I expect I'll only get one wash out of these two pots as I have really long hair but I'm really interested to try out this product. I can't get over the thought that in liquid form honey is sticky!  I don't think this is one I will be purchasing though, I don't particularly like the smell.... but lets see!  This is priced at £14.00 per 300g. 

What is your favourite product from Lush?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick Review


Hello Everyone!

I'm loving Rimmel products at the moment and recently spotted the Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Sticks/Crayons.  There are a few different colours available but as I prefer neutrals or pinks I went for the Beige (the lightest colour) and Bad Girl Bronze.

These are two gorgeous, shimmery colours.  The formulation is extremely creamy which makes application very easy, although I have found it can look a little patchy so you need to make sure you get a nice even coverage by applying a little more product to any gaps. This creamy formula also means that they do get messy pretty easily and I can imagine will be very messy when you have to sharpen them (It's a real shame they don't twist up).

The staying power of these shadows is great.  When I first tried these out I actually forgot to use primer but in the end it wasn't an issue.  These shadows stayed on perfectly all day and evening on their own.. I was super impressed! I do find, however, that this means they don't blend together that easily.

I also really love the look of them on your eyes.  I wore the beige all over my lid and blended a matte brown from my MUA palette into the outer quarter and crease and it looked gorgeous.  It really brightened up my eyes and gave me a fresh, shimmery look without being too over the top.  I also love the shade of the beige, it's a light oyster/gold and not too yellow.

Although there are a few down points to this product, overall I do really like these shadow sticks and I can see me using them quite a lot.

The Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are priced at £3.49 online at Superdrug but are £4.99 in store.  They are also a little more expensive at Boots coming in at £5.99.

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