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Friday, 30 August 2013

NARS Amour Blusher Review

NARS Amour Blush
NARS Amour Blush
Helloooooo there everyone!

Believe it or not there was a time when I didn't go anywhere near high end beauty products because I didn't really understand why people would spend so money when they could get a similar product on the high street. Although I love my high street brands, since branching out I can now completely understand why people do this and I have now got quite a few high end products in my collection. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with high street brands and often the products are very similar but with certain things I have noticed a difference.

Anyway, onto today's review...
Nars is one of my favourite high end beauty brands and in particular I love their blushers. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous.  It makes the product feel expensive and I love the soft, compact, streamline design.  The texture is unusual as it is rubbery to the touch which although feels good does easily attract dust and grime. After a quick wipe with a damp cloth of face wipe this is soon resolved, however.  The palette also sports a huge mirror in the lid which finishes off the product really nicely and has come in handy on several occasions when I've forgotten my hand bag mirror!

Amour is a highly pigmented, matte, rosy pink shade which has peach undertones. This is actually one of my favourite blushers because the colour is very pretty and feminine.  It isn't at all overpowering on my cheeks and gives my face a nice natural glow which lasts all day.  As this blusher is so pigmented you really do need to use only a minimal amount and even though I use this blusher regularly it will be years before I hit pan on it.  The texture of Amour is soft and it is extremely blendable to is very easy to work with which is very important to me.  There is nothing worse than blushers that don't blend well and leave you with tell tale stripey lines on your face.

Just like the name suggests... I love Amour!

You can buy Amour from Nars for £21.50.

Have you tried this blusher? What do you think about Nars blushers?

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sweet Treats

Today's post is slightly different from those I have done before but I wanted to share these sweet treats with you.. the blogger inside me couldn't resist! Last week I stumbled upon a lovely farmers market in London which had stalls full of foods from around the world, both sweet and savoury.  My friend and I found one stall particularly interesting and although I don't have a strong sweet tooth I absolutely love baking (I find it creative and relaxing) so I love to look at the sweet treats people have made and try new things.

The display was beautiful and included a huge number of desserts ranging from cakes to pastries to meringues.  We decided to buy a few of these treats and after two trips back to the stall and a lot of debating we decided on the below delights.

What treat is your favourite?

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Essie Bikini So Teeny Review

Essie Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish
Today I have a review on what I think seems to be one of Essie's most popular shades, Bikini So Teeny.  I have seen this in dozens of blog posts over the past few months and although I thought it looked very pretty it isn't really a shade I usually go for.. it isn't pink.  However, I decided to give in to the hype and give it a go.

Bikini So Teeny is a gorgeous lilac, blue toned nail polish which is the perfect shade for both Spring and Summer.  It reminds me of blue bells and as soon as I applied it I loved it.  It is so pretty and it is the perfect tone as it isn't too pale or too dark. On the first day I wore this polish my nails attracted a lot of attention and I was surprised about the number of people who commented on how nice it is.

The formulation of Essie polishes seem to differ slightly depending on the shade and this one seems particularly thin.  If you are in a rush you can get away with two coats but it can look a little sparse and patchy in places so three coats is ideal.  The polish dries very quickly and is long lasting, I've been wearing mine for 7 days so far and am completely chip free (I used top coat but no base because I was lazy) which is very impressive.  I love it when you can paint your nails and trust that it will stay in place for a reasonable amount of time. Despite not using a base this time round this isn't something I will be doing again as this polish does stain your nails a little! 

You can buy Bikini So Teeny by Essie from Superdrug for £7.99.

Essie Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish

What is your favourite Essie shade? What do you think of Bikini So Teeny?

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Nivea Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream

Nivea Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream
I hope you are all well and having a good week!  Today’s post will be a short and sweet review on the Nivea Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream.  This is yet another hand cream I picked up on impulse but this time it wasn’t at the till.  When I was buying my miniatures for my Portugal trip last month they were on a three for £3.00 offer at Superdrug so I was determined to group what I bought to make the most of the deal.  I struggled to find a third product until I spotted this hand cream and as I wasn’t a fan of my current one I thought, why not?
The packaging of the Nivea Q10 hand cream is small but powerful.  The bold use of the yellow and blue combination makes it stand out and the font is strong.  I also like that the 30ml squeezy bottle is the perfect size for my hand bag so it is easy to take with me or store without taking up too much space.
Nivea Q10 is your typical lotion formula which absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling nourished and smelling gorgeously perfumed.  You only need to use a little, so this product goes a long way and it doesn’t leave a residue on your skin, oil or grease. As for the age defying aspects, I can’t really comment but maybe in thirty years time or so I will be grateful for using it due to the anti wrinkle claim… we’ll see! In any case, it won’t do any harm to be using this kind of product now and if it does help fight the first signs of aging even better!
 I love this hand cream and I will definitely be repurchasing it.  It is also a absolutely bargain at only £1.01 at Boots
 What do you think of this hand cream? Which one is your favourite?
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Lovely August Advertiser

Hello Lovelies!

Today's blog post is dedicated to my lovely August Advertiser, Jessica.  She has a lovely blog so please check it out :)


About (written by Jessica):

Lovely Jubbly is a UK beauty and lifestyle blog. I review everything from make-up and skincare to homeware and recipes! I post about all things beauty related and love to find beauty bargains! You'll also find the occassional fashion post including OOTD's and wishlists. I love coffee, ebay and pretty things so expect a lot of that too.
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

New Look Haul

So today's post is a clothes haul which I have been waiting to post for a while.  One of my favourite shops at the moment is New Look and over the past couple of months I've bought some lovely things from there that I really want to share with you.

Here goes...

Do you like any of the items I bought? What is your favourite clothes shop?

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Oriflame - Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls Review

Oriflame - Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls

Oriflame - Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls

Last month I spoke about a blogger event I attended at Dirty Martini in London and some of the companies that were there.  One of these was companies was Orifame who had a wide range a beauty products on offer for us to try, one of which I will be sharing with you today.

The Giordani Gold bronzing pearls caught my eye at the event firstly because it has been quite some years since I've used bronzing pearls and it took me back to when I first starting using makeup.  They look so pretty staring up from the packaging and are something different from the flat pressed bronzing powders on the market.

The bronzing pearls are available in four shades but the two I can describe from the catalogue photo's are:
  • Natural Bronze - pink, yellow, brown tones pearls
  • Macaron Dreams - yellow, green, white and pink pearls
The others are available on the website.
Each powder pearl shade works in a different way on your skin for correction, illumination, counteracting redness and brightening tone so it is important you think about what you want to achieve from your bronzing pearls before selecting one.  The Giordani Gold bronzing pearls I have are the natural bronze which contains three neutral brown sun kissed colours.

The Giordani Gold bronzing pearls can be used as either a blusher or a bronzer, however I always use them for the latter.  The formulation of these beads is soft and smooth, giving my skin a radiant, natural glow due to the micronised pigments that reflect light.  They contain a slight shimmer too, although this is subtle so doesn't look overpowering on the skin. This is perfect for me because I really like that 'glowy' look but I'm not a big fan of lots of shimmer on my face unless it's highlighter and even then I use a minimal amount.

You apply the bronzing pearls by simply swirling your brush in them and appling directly onto your face.  The product applies reasonably sheer so it is easy to apply product to build it up to your desired look and I love that it gives you a natural looking tan rather than the orange tangoed look you can find with other bronzers.

I really like this product and it is a nice  alternative to my Nars Laguna bronzer which is rapidly running out. The Giordani Gold bronzing pearls are available from Oriflame for £16.45.

What do you think of these bronzing pearls?

*This product was sent to me to review

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Tutorial and Review: Add Bling to your shoes using Stickcons

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have both a review and tutorial post for you so it is very picture heavy but I hope you enjoy it! One of the latest fashion trends is to add 'bling' to items whether it be phones, bags or shoes.  Today I will be looking at an affordable and fun way to do this at home using Stickcons.

My first impression of Stickcons was how pretty the stones look and how gorgeous the colours are.  I have silver, red and blue stones which are all stunning and showed off to the full by the simple, bright packaging. Other colours are also available on the Stickcons website which has a gallery showing the different colours available (including multi-coloured, black, red, blue, silver, yellow, green and lilac).  At first glance it isn't obvious that these stones are in fact strips (it says it on the packaging but I was so busy admiring the stones I missed it) which means the process of adding them is stress free.  Here is a little more information about Stickcons before the tutorial:
  • Stickcons™ strips are DIY self adhesive sticker strips that transform & bling up the rubber parts of Converse sneakers.
  • Stickcons™ kits have a secret glue formula which makes them durable, flexible and removable on rubber.
  • Stickcons™ are designed to fit any size, just stick them on and just pull to snap off any excess –meaning no need for a scissors.
  • Stickcons™ are available in 10 colours to match your mood or your outfit.
  • Stickcons™ are the affordable alternative to the ever popular trend of customised sneakers

Tutorial: The steps:

  1. Gently pull the strips of diamante off the cardboard backing, starting with the largest semi circle.
  2. Push each gem down and move the flexible strip into position as you go, this way all your stones are lined up correctly.  It's good if you can find a guide on your shoe for example the bottom of a line.
  3. Once you have finished a line, gently pull the end of the strip, whilst holding the gems that are already stuck down and they will tear off leaving you with a perfect finish to you line.
  4. Complete steps 1 and 2 but this time use the next semi circle for the toe section of your shoe, followed by the three straight strips.
  5. Once the toe area on your shoes is complete you need to start on the sides.  It doesn't matter what order you do this in but I found it easiest to start with the middle section, followed by the top and lastly the bottom.  You stick these stones on in exactly  the same way.
  6. Finally, push down on all the stones one last time to make sure they are all securely in place.

Before you know it, your boring, average shoes have been jazzed up into a unique pair of footwear.  I really can't stress enough how much fun I had creating this look and how easy it is.  It doesn't take long to do and is the perfect creative task for both adults and children alike! If you wanted to you could even cut the strips to separate the individual stones to create a different look or use these gems on other things. I haven't found the staying power of the stones an issue (I've only worn them out twice so far) but if you are concerned, you could add a little glue to the back of the strips to improve their staying power even more.

Using Stickcons stones are a really great affordable alternative to the expensive 'instonisation' trend and are available in the retail store Schuh for €11.

I am thinking about filming a video tutorial using Stickcons.  Please let me know if it is something you would like to see :)

What do you think of Stickcons? Will you try them?

*Stickcons kindly sent me this product to review

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Henryka 10% Discount for my readers for 1 month ONLY

Henryka discount
Hello Lovelies!

You may remember me telling you a little about Henryka in a previous post where I entered their competition.  Amazingly I came second so I have been able to pick a prize from their website which I will share with you (I still can't believe it!) but this isn't actually what today's post is about.

Instead, I wanted to let you know that Henryka who specialise in Amber and Silver Jewellery are offering my readers an amazing 10% off when you order using the code 'Kimberleybeauty10 '

The code is only valid until 16th September 2013 so make the most of the discount while you can lovelies! You can access the Henryka website by clicking on their button in my 'Advertising' area to the right.  Their button is at the very bottom.

Let me know if you buy anything, I would love to see your posts about it!

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chaise Longue Boutique Mood Board

Hello Everyone!

Those of you who have read my blog since it started or follow me on Twitter may know last year I was lucky enough to get my foot on the ladder and buy my first property with my boyfriend.  This has opened me up to a whole new world of shopping...homeware.  It has been very enjoyable to design each room from scratch and see how it has been transformed from boring empty rooms with concrete floors to a home.  As a result, I am constantly on the look out for new things and when I was recently contacted by Chaise Longue Boutique to create a mood board of things I would love in my dream home for a competition I jumped at the chance.

My first thoughts were to get hunting on the Selfridges and Next websites for my favourite items but then it dawned on me I have already created my dream home with items I adore so why not make my blog post entry more personal and share some of my favourite items from my home? As this is very personal, I'm not going to show every room, but I've picked one, our second bedroom/lounge and some of the items I have chosen to decorate/furnish it.  To give you a little background, when we first moved in we turned this room into a second bedroom with a double bed etc as you would expect.  Since, we have realised the room wasn't actually being used that much and we didn't want to waste the space so we decided to convert it into a lounge/bedroom so we get the best of both worlds.  We now use this room a lot more often but have the added bonus of turning it into a bedroom if our friends or family stay.

The look I was going for is clean and neutral so we are able to easily introduce different colours whenever we fancy a change. The room still needs a little more work but I'm really pleased with the items we have so far.. they are exactly what I wanted! I studied textiles at school and we had to create mood boards of random pictures or items that gave us inspiration for a theme.  This is my theme mood board for this room which helped me decide what I wanted from the room:

Chaise Longue Boutique Mood Board Inspiration

Now that I've given you some background into my inspiration for my theme mood board here are the items I have chosen to share with you... A mood board of things I would love in my dream home:

  • Dressing Table - Being a beauty blogger a key piece of furniture is a dressing table.  I bought mine from Ikea and I love the simple design. It has lots of storage and is a modern twist on your typical dressing table.
  • Bubble Mirror - I love this bubble mirror from John Lewis because it is unlike any I have seen before.  It is definitely a talking point in this room.
  • Light shade - I'm afraid I don't actually remember where this is from but I love that it is open and delicate, although it doesn't help give out as much light as I would like. The crystals are pretty too.
  • Wooden Heart - This wooden heart is from one of our local garden centres.  I love it's simplicity and rustic feel.
  • Sofabed and cushions - Our Sofabed and cushions are from Furniture Village and are the perfect size for this room.  It is compact yet isn't too small and is a neutral colour so I can add any colour cushions I want. 
  • Lamp and candle holders - The lamp and candle holders sport a pretty mosaic pattern which bounces light around the room.  I love the contrasting colours too.  I bought these from Next.
  • Bedside table - Okay, I confess.  I don't actually have this bedside table, it is from Chaise Longue Boutique but I like the shape and shabby chic finish of it.  I think it would fit into this room perfectly.
  • Mouse - My boyfriend bought me this gorgeous doorstop from John Lewis.  I loved it as soon as I saw we but we didn't immediately buy it....shortly after he got it for me as a surprise!  What better way to hold the door open than with a cute mouse?! I love animals and have a dog, hamsters and fish so this is definitely me!
  • Wardrobes - We were on the market for some wardrobes for this room and wanted them to fit as flush to the walls as possible without costing a fortune.  In the end we opted for this glossy white ones from Ikea. These are great because they are completely customisable!

What do you think of my mood board? Are there in items in particular you like?

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Tutorial: DIY Facemasks

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have my first ever guest post which is from the lovely people at Eco Market.  They will tell you a little about some fab DIY face masks that are quick and easy to make and use at home.

1) Treating Dry Skin: Avocado, Coconut Oil & Honey

Avocado oil is a remarkably effective emmolient for the skin, and has been put
forward for patenting as a treatment for some forms of dermatitis. Combined
with coconut oil, a traditional heavy-duty, non-greasy moisturizer, and honey's
anti-oxidant, anti-microbrial properties, and you have something your skin will
go nuts over. Try:

 - Half a ripe avocado
 - 2 tablespoons of honey
 - Half a tablespoon of coconut oil

Mash/puree the avocado until it's smooth and spreadable, blend with the
other ingredients, apply to your face and leave for at least 15 minutes.

2) Treating Acne: Strawberry

Salicylic acid is used to tackle skin flare-ups, from psoriasis to acne. You'll
find it in a lot of anti-acne medication. You know what else has salicylic acne
in it? OK, yes, you do - the picture gave it away. Enough with the failed
suspense and on with the recipe!

- one-quarter of a cup of strawberries
- one-quarter of a cup of sour cream or non-flavoured yoghurt

Bring both to room temperature, blend until creamy, and apply!

3) Cleaning & Firming: Mud!

No need for a recipe here - our Eco Market vendors have done the work for
you. Check out the wide array of clay-based facial masks on offer, including
the BC Glacial Clay Mask from Maple Creek Soapworks, NaturalKiosk's

4) Rejuvinating: Papaya

The wrinkles on your face - sorry, I mean, the wrinkles on someone's face
(not yours) originate from collagen and elasticin fibers. When these fibers
lose their tension, your skin sags. All praise the skin-tightening papaya! Its
unripened pulp contains an enzyme called papain which breaks down these
fibers, helping remove those wrinkles and smoothing the skin. Give it a go!

 - Half a cup unripened papaya, diced
 - 1 teaspoon plain yoghurt
 - 1 teaspoon honey

Blend, smooth onto your face, wait for 8-10 minutes (you should feel a slight
tingling - perfectly normal). Moisturise - and then see how young you feel.

5) Soothing Sunburn: Oats

Oats can do a remarkable array of health-boosting things (hence their
4,000 year history of medical use) - but when it comes to sunburn, all you
need to know is that they're anti-inflammatory, thanks to compounds called
aventhramides. If you're suffering from overexposure to the sun, put your oats
to good use like this:

- One-quarter cup of oats
- One tablespoon of fresh tomato juice
- One tablespoon of aloe vera
- Half a cup of plain yoghurt

Cook the oats for five minutes, cool completely. Mix aloe vera & tomato juice
with yoghurt, and stir that mixture into the cooked oatmeal. You're good to
apply! (Give it 15 minutes before you remove.)

Images: threelayercake, julien haler, Phil Whitehouse, Janine, S Diddy and
Tomáš Obšívač.

Thanks to Inhabitat,, Whole Living and eHow for the recipes.

* This is a guest post by Eco Market

I hope you enjoyed reading the post from Eco Market and found it useful :) Will you be trying any of these face masks? Do you ever make you own and have a recipe you would like to share?

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