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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

MAC Fix + Review

MAC Fix +

MAC Fix +

Today's review is on a product which is often confused with a make-up setting spray.  Mac Fix + is a spray that can be used to refresh the face without disturbing make-up whereas a setting spray is used to prolong the length of time the make-up stays in place.  If you're looking for the latter a really great product is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (Read my review here).

Mac Fix + is a great product to use before you apply your makeup to freshen up or afterwards to remove the 'powdery' look some products can cause or to simply add a little more moisture into the skin and cool yourself down on a hot day.  To use you simply hold the bottle 12" away from your face and spray evenly all over.  The spray is reasonably light but some people may find it a little wet, it does dry quickly, however.

There are also other uses for Mac Fix + such as adding it to pigments or baked eyeshadow's to ease application and intensify the pigmentation.  An alternative is to use it to dilute products you find to be a little too thick like gel eyeliners, concealer and foundation, however, I never find the need to do this personally.

When I purchased Mac Fix + around 9 months ago I thought I would use it a lot but actually I very rarely reach for it.  It contains ingredients such as cucumber and caffeine which are meant to be good for the skin so maybe I should make more effort to use it but it isn't a product that has blown me away so I wouldn't re-purchase.  I just don't use it enough to justify spending that much on it again and it pretty much just sits on my dresser every day.  I expect the time I may feel more of a need to use it will be in the Summer as it is useful to have something cooking that will not ruin your make-up and as it has a catch to stop leaking it is ideal to travel with.

If you want to try Mac Fix + you can buy it from Mac Cosmetics for £14.50.

What do you think of MAC Fix +?
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