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Friday, 7 February 2014

Essie Sexy Divide Review

Essie Sexy Divide Essie Sexy Divide
Today's post features yet another Essie polish I have been loving over the past few months as it has such a deep, rich colour.  Sexy Divide by Essie is a gorgeous dark purple and has to been perfect to wear over the Winter months.  It is such a pretty colour because at first it seems very dark but if you look closely you can see a lighter tone of purple running through it as well as a sparkle which makes this colour more interesting and easier to wear.

The formula of Sexy Divide is pretty thick so you can achieve good coverage with just one coat but with two you get a flawless finish.  Team this with a good base and top coat and your nails will be looking gorgeous for at least five days!

The other polishes featured in the post is Midnight Cami and Born With Whomever which are both by Essie.

If you want to try Essie Sexy Divide you can buy it from Superdrug for £7.99.

What do you think of Essie Sexy Divide?
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  1. So pretty! I've had this shade for a while, but have never worn it. You've inspired me to give it a go sometime soon! xo


    1. Aww thanks! I hope you enjoy it! I've got it on my nails now :) x

  2. such a pretty color ! xx

  3. I'm such an Essie obsessive, I must have these! So pretty! xx

    1. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do! X

  4. This is a really lovely shade! I find that the formulation of all Essie polishes are quite thick, which is great for perfecting the appearance of your nails with only a couple of coats!

    1. I find that with most of them too which is great! X

  5. Such a beautiful nail polish. :D


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