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Saturday, 8 February 2014

London Lush Event - Valentines Products and Book Launch

Valentines Range

Danger! Cosmetics To Go Book / Bath Bombs / Massage Bars

Gift Sets / Shower gels and Skin care 

Top: Tender Is The Night Massage Bar / Bath Bombs
Bottom: Honey I Shrunk The Kids Soap / Bubble Bars

Hello Lovelies, how are you all today? After a long week it's finally the weekend and today I'm feeling good.  I slept better last night than I have for weeks and for once I feel awake, refreshed and ready to start the day! I've spent the morning surfing the net looking at your lovely blog posts and now I plan to relax catching up with TV and writing up some of my owns posts.

Today's post is all about the London Lush event I was lucky enough to attend last week.  It was to celebrate two things.   Firstly the launch of their Valentines range which is definitely a must see and secondly the launch of a book called 'Danger! Cosmetics To Go' which is about a brand before Lush but features lots of their products.

Before attending the event I met up with the lovely Rachel from Beauty Queen UK and we went for a meal so we could have a catch up before the event started.  We then headed to Regent Street and on first impressions the Lush store looked tiny from the outside.  It is, however, very deceiving! When entering, we were directed downstairs where the store opened up into a large open space and needless to say being huge Lush fans we were both like kids in a sweet shop. 

The products as always, were displayed perfectly and there were lots of people on hand to tell us anything we wanted to know about them as well as do demonstrations.  What I really loved was being able to take as much time as we wanted to look at the products and learn more about them.  I've tried a lot of their products over the years but this event has opened me up to so many more and now my Lush Wish List is longer than ever... that was before I even looked at the gorgeous Valentines range!

I had high hopes for the Valentines range as I love the limited collections Lush launch and I wasn't left disappointed.  The names are adorable (Prince Charming Shower Gel), the products pretty and range covers everything from massage bars to makeup and bath bombs.  The stand out products for me were definitely the shower gel mentioned above, the love locket bath bomb (this is bright pink with two treats inside - tip crack it before you use it, don't put the whole thing in the bath), the Tender is the Night Massage bar (it looks good enough to eat) and the gift sets.

Mira Manga, the lovely author of the Danger! Cosmetics To Go book was also at the event and spent a lot of time circulating around the room and speaking to each of us.  It was very interesting to find out her inspirations for writing the book which talks about the Company that came before Lush. Mira was commissioned to write the book by Mark Constantine OBE who is the Lush Co-Founder and managing Director.  This book gives a full history of the Cosmetics to Go company, the link to Lush and the history of the products.  I'm already half way through and I would definitely recommend this book to any Lush fans interested in knowing more about the products and the people behind them.  You get a wonderful insight and as well as being a good read the pictures throughout the book are amazing. You can buy the book for £19.95 at Lush.

I want to say a big thank you to Lush for inviting me to this amazing event and for all the lovely gifts in our goody bag!  If you're interested in checking out the Valentines range you can see everything on the Lush website here.

Will you be buying any Lush Valentines treats or Mira's Cosmetics To Go Book?
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  1. I LOVE Lush!! I can't wait to try out some of their Valentine's products! x

  2. I have almost finished the book too and have loved reading it x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Aww I am so jealous that you two got invited to a Lush event! I am really into their stuff at the mo!!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  4. Replies
    1. It was really good! Haha you can't beat a Lush bath! X

  5. Lush is probably my favourite place to buy bath goodies! The valentine's range looks amazing! xo

    Seek My Scribbles

  6. That Prince Charming shower gel looks like a good replacement for Snow Fairy!

    1. Definitely! They smell very different though! X

  7. The Valentine's range look brilliant! Want it all!! :)

  8. It all seems so cute! Lushhave the most perfect gifts <3

    1. Definitely! A post will be going p this week on the Lots of Love gift box which is amazing! X

  9. I've been thinking about purchasing Lush's book - great to hear that it's a good read! And I've bought the Tender Is The Night massage bar, the smell really is gorgeous (:

  10. I loooove Lush products so much! I first got into them purely for their ethics stand points so it is absolutely awesome to hear they have a book. I'm going to be picking it up for sure! As well as the Prince Charming body gel. I've heard so many good things about it already that there's no way I'm missing out, haha. Lucky you for getting to go the event and glad to hear you had fun :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. I agree, I love that Lush had a good ethical stance and don't test on animals!

      Enjoy the book and shower gel! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  11. Love lush products I need to try some of these

With A City Dream

  12. Hey there^^,
    I loove Lush so much! I want to go to an event so so bad!!
    Have a nice day!

  13. I FINALLY went to check out the Valentine's Day range on Saturday and I have to say I'm actually rather disappointed. :(

    I saw so many things I wanted and in the end I've only seen one thing I want. Love Locket is overpriced and doesn't smell very nice at all and Prince Charming doesn't smell what I imagined it to.

    However Close To You is actually BETTER than I thought it was going to be and after rubbing some on the back of my hand, the smell lasted for hours! I can see me picking up a couple of these next week. :)

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