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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Barry M Lychee Nail Paint Barry M Lychee Nail Paint

I think one staple nail polish anyone can have in their collection is a good nude shade because it goes perfectly with any outfit whether it be for during the day or the evening. I have a few nude shades in my collection but my favourite is definitely Lychee from Barry M because this shade works really well with my skin tone.  This polish is from the Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint range which is my favourite collection from Barry M because I love the consistency of the formula, the colour range, staying power and the glossy shine.

The first coat of Lychee applies nicely across the nail as it is easy to be precise due to the small size of the brush.  The first coat is a little streaky but this is soon corrected with the second as you are left with a gorgeous glossy and flawless finish. The consistency of the polish is pretty thick so you do need to be careful you don't apply too much on each layer otherwise it takes longer to dry and you can get a little build up where the excess polish has collected but it does naturally even out very well so you do end up with smooth and even coverage if you apply a less generous amount. Less is definitely more!

Being a nude shade, Lychee works brilliantly when combined with other polishes whether they be solid colour or glitter. At the moment I'm going through a stage of loving glitter accent nails so I have teamed this shade with Essie Hors D'Oeuvres which is a stunning large silver glitter suspended in gold liquid. I love that this shade is so versatile you can create a completely different look every time you wear it it or simply enjoy how nice it is on it's own.

Barry M Lychee is the perfect 'go to' shade and I get a lot of use out of this polish all year around. It makes a nice change for Barry M to have a more neutral toned polish and I wish they would add more lighter shades like this to their collections as I do find they have a tendency to either be very dark or bright.  If you want to add Lychee to your collection to you can purchase it from Boots for £3,99. Boots and Superdrug often do offers on Barry M products so keep an eye out for those!

What do you think of Barry M Lychee?

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  1. I love the glitter effect - really lovely accent nail :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I have Lychee and really like the formula of these. I bought a mint colour like that yesterday that I'm so excited to try! (I have a giveaway running too!)

    1. The mint one is really pretty too! I think it's Greenberry x

  3. That is a lovely nude shade, I am still searching for my perfect nude x

  4. I love the graduated glitter you've done on the one nail, so pretty :)


  5. pretty shade! :)

  6. Looks like such a lovely neutral shade! Have so been wanting to try Barry M. :)


    1. Barry M polishes are really good! They are a great price too :) x


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