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Tuesday, 11 March 2014



Way back in January I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Lush products in the sales (50% off whoop!) and one bath bomb I got which I had never tried before is So White. This bath bomb may not look as interesting as the others in the shop from the outside but there is a secret hidden within which turns the bath a pretty colour (that's all I'm saying so I don't spoil the surprise for anyone) so it just goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... or in this case, a bath bomb.

So White smells unlike any of the other bath bombs I have tried because it has more of a fruity fragrance than floral. The scent that fills your bathroom as it dissolves is of fresh apple with a slight musky undertone which as you can imagine is delicious! The citrus fruit oils (bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute) are used to refresh the body and mind as well as add a beautiful shine to the hair.  I also find they leave my skin feeling soft and soothed.

It's a real shame this bath bomb isn't around all year because it would be perfect to use on Summer evenings as well as Winter nights.  To me the scent doesn't scream 'Christmas' although the white outta shell does represent pure balls of snow perfectly.  I may well have to stock up on a few more of these bath bombs when they are back on our shelves.

What do you think of So White?

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  1. I love lush bath bombs... I'm a little obsessed

  2. I always have to stock up on the limited edition bath bombs like this just to tide me over when they 'aren't in season'..this one sounds so nice and fruity

  3. I quite like this bathbomb, I love the scent x

  4. I bought my So White back before December and I still have it in my little Lush box! xD

    I don't want to use it knowing I won't be able to buy it again until the end of the year. :')

  5. I forgot to pick this up at Christmas, despite really wanting to try it! Maybe next year! It sounds so lovely xo

  6. This bath bomb looks so lovely! I'll have to try it when it comes back out!

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