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Monday, 10 March 2014


In the past The Body Shop has primarily been a place I relate to skin care but over the years I have delved in the odd piece of make-up too.  I find the prices of The Body Shop make-up pretty expensive but then when I remind myself of their ethical background and stance against animal testing I am willing to pay the price.

My most recent purchase from The Body Shop is this beautiful blush and highlighter duo in the colour Coral.  Whilst the packaging shows off the product well it's pretty basic and dare I say boring and I can't make up my mind if I like it or not.  It definitely makes the product eye catching and I like the domed shape but it does feel a little cheap.  As for the product itself, 'Coral' is a beautiful natural pink shade which is creamy and blendable so it is very easy to use.  This is a key attribute I look for in a blush as I'm not one of those people who has a lot of time and patience to keep blending it out to stop the streaky un-natural lines you can get. I like something that is simple, quick and reliable.

When I first used this blush I found it to be extremely shimmery so I think there must have been something on the outer layer because since it has been much more matte, which I prefer because initially it was a little bit like a disco ball. Now this blush gives a gorgeous natural glow to my cheeks which is very pretty and goes with a whole host of different make-up looks.  As for the highlighter element, this seems pretty matte to me too so rather than apply this to my cheek bones I like to use my MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter and instead swirl this one into the blush which makes a beautiful combination.

This blush has been a little neglected since I bought it for no reason other than I put it into my Muji drawers and besides using it a handful of times I pretty much forgot about it.  When I recently found it again I remembered how pretty it is and I will definitely be using it more over the Spring and Summer months.  The shade is very girly, pretty and pigmented,  the blush lasts all day and this shade is different to any others in my collection.

You can buy this pretty coral blush from The Body Shop for £12.00.  As a side note, have you tried their reward card? I find it to be one of the best on the high street and I would definitely recommend it.. they even give you a £5.00 voucher on your birthday!

What do you think of The Body Shop Coral Blush?

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  1. Oh, how pretty! Lush has been releasing some lovely makeup items lately and this one looks great :)


  2. The color is so pretty! I haven't seen these around before but now I need to look for them

  3. Such a beautiful shimmer. I've never really purchased any make-up products from the body shop.I may just have to pop in to the body shop on my next birthday! :)

    I would love it if you could pop round and have a sneak peak at my blog> click the link> I walk In Fashion

  4. This is really pretty, I suspect it will be too bright for my liking though x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I love this blusher, I have had mine for ages, and it never seems to run out! Also loving the reward card - I wasn't sure I would get a second one but I did after the first year, and it's always nice to head there with my birthday money and get an extra £5 off/to spend in store that month. X

  6. Ah, thank you for the review! I think I just found what I've been looking for :D

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