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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review | Superdrug 50th Birthday Products

Superdrug 50th Birthday

Being a beauty blogger I'm a big fan of Superdrug as they sell a wide range of products from beauty to skin care and hair care and I'm pleased to say they are currently celebrating their 50th Birthday! 

This means they have re-vamped the packaging for a variety of products to sport their eye catching trademark pink branding and I have a few here that I want to share with you:

*Max Factor Mascara  - I love the polka dot design on this clump defying mascara and I can't wait to give it a try. I haven't actually tried a mascara from Max Factor for years so I can't really remember what they are like if I'm honest...I'm interested to see the results!

*Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish - You can tell from my blog design I love a bit of pink so I adore this hot pink nail polish by Rimmel. These polishes are really good because the formula isn't too thick or thin and they dry really quickly.

*Fruit Sorbet Face Masks - These face masks sound absolutely divine... fruit sorbet! Yum! They are suitable for all skin types and contain raspberry, cranberry and red grape fruit extracts to help revitalise and help protect your skin.

*Superdrug Intense Volume Lashes - I don't use lashes very often because I'm terrible at applying them. I rarely seem to be able to get them in the right position and as I don't wear them very often I don't really get enough practice to master how to do it! As I've got these new ones to try that will all change, I hope!

*Superdrug Firm Hold Hair Spray - I often style my hair so I'm a regular user of hair spray but haven't tried Superdrug's own version yet. I'm interested to see how it compares to my favourite which is Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla. I love the small packaging of the Superdrug one, though because it is perfect to pop in your hand bag and even contains pro-vitamin B5.

There are many other products displaying the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary packaging so keep an eye out for it in stores and online. Some of your favourite products may have even been given a make-over!

What do you think about the Superdrug 50th Birthday range?

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  1. Max Factor False Lash is my all time favourite mascara and now I love it even more just because of the cute polka dots! x

    1. That's good to know! I hope I like it too! X

  2. Excited about this! We obviously don't have Superdrug in Italy, but I'll be flying tomorrow to London and being there for a few days I'll certainly hop and raid at least one Superdrug store :)

    1. Ooo have fun! I hope you enjoy London! Be sure to check out Boots and Selfridges too! X

  3. Have you tried to sorbet face masks yet? I haven't gotten anything from Superdrug in ages as the Boots is a bit closer to me where I live. The packaging looks divine though, I do admit I'm like a little magpie when it comes to pretty packaging.



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