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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lifestyle | A Nation of Over-Eaters?

Weight gain and plastic surgery

There's no escaping the fact that our waistlines are growing. Whether you're watching the news, scanning the papers, listening to the radio or reading a magazine it's a hot topic all over the media because the entire world is getting bigger.  Some countries have healthier diets and lifestyles than others but I'm hearing more and more about the problems surrounding processed foods, saturated fats and sugars and that has been the inspiration for today's blog post.

So why are we eating more?


We're surrounded by temptation whether it's at work with the biscuit tin, at home with the chocolate bars or by the endless takeaway chains that are available.  This is forever testing us and it's difficult to always so no. 

I know there's been many an occasion where I've tried to eat healthy foods and had a long day at work and given into an Indian takeaway because the thought of cooking that late when you're exhausted is too much. I know this will happen again and I think that's okay unless it's too often because that is my biggest weakness really.  I don't tend to eat chocolate, crisps, biscuits, pastries etc which are equally as bad but if I do fancy them I allow myself to have a little rather than completely ban everything... this way it's so much easier to manage what you eat and you don't feel like you're depriving yourself. 

I have found, however, if you eat healthier it's almost as though your body craves it. If I eat a lot of junk I want more junk but if I've been eating healthy foods and then I eat something less nutritious I don't actually enjoy it and therefore don't even get tempted by it. Odd logic but it works!


Knowledge is power and I think this is something that a lot of people are lacking.  It's so easy to misjudge portion sizes or the amount of calories in food because most of the time it's not easy to know exactly how much we should eat. People often talk about the number of calories men and women should eat a day but in reality it's not as simple as that because it depends on your metabolism, the amount of exercise you do and the quantity of sugar and saturated fat you're eating.

Going Out

I always find it far harder to eat healthier and less when you're out, particularly at restaurants because again, you have no idea what ingredients make up a meal and how healthy it really is. You're also tempted to eat more at restaurants because of having three or more courses because it's seen as the norm but it's fine to skip them. More often than not I will just have a main course when I go out for dinner because I much prefer to enjoy that than eat a starter and dessert and feeling full and slugish.

Snacking is also harder when you're out I find because when you're chatting with friends you're not taking as much notice of what you're doing and before you know it you're reaching for the nibbles time and time again!

Sugar and Fat

The highstreet is changing before our eyes and more and more fast food restaurants seem to be opening every day. This food is convenient particularly when we're on the go and lead such busy lives but it's often high in sugar, salt and saturated fat so it's definitely not a healthy diet to have.  The occasional treat is fine as I believe you shouldn't completely restrict yourself of what you want but if it's beginning to become a regular thing it will affect both your weight and health.

I'm also hearing more and more in the media about how much sugar in particular is being added into foods and how they are even looking to put a tax on it to try to prevent/slow down obesity. It's a scary thought that things have got so bad they need to take action like this.


Boredom plays a big part in overeating and I know a lot of people who say they are guilty of this. This relates back to point one, temptation. If you know you're going to be tempted by food when you're bored make sure the options open to you are healthy ones such as fruit, seeds or nuts.


Lastly is the cycle described in the photo above and something I found really interesting when I came across it. It says that you eat processed food which causes you to produce more insulin and your fat cells to grow. This means you eat more calories because the fat cells are bigger and so the vicious cycle starts again. This is a fascinating discovery and it really makes me think about about the types of foods I am eating and also about what this means for our future.  I can imagine a lot more people will be interested in alternatives to diets, the obvious one being plastic surgery such as lipsosuction as this removes those pesky fat cells. To read more about this theory take a look at this website for Cosmo Clinic where this is a lot more information by Dr Joseph Ajaka.

I strongly believe this increase in our weight will lead to more and more people turning to plastic surgery because despite it being well known the average size is increasing the sad truth is that the media and our perception of people is that you should be small, very small. People want to look and feel attractive and of course be healthy too but as long as you are healthy and happy I don't think weight should be an issue. Whether you achieve that through a healthy lifestyle, diets or surgery such as liposuction that is your own choice.


What do you think of today's post?
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  1. Loved reading this, So different to other posts I have read and very informative. I definitely agree boredom is a massive contribution. If we did a fun exercise video when we was bored instead of grabbing biscuits or Crisps we would all be a lot healthier
    Carrieanne x

  2. Hi dear! This is a very interesting healthy post!
    i have just found yuor blog and i stay!!
    i hope you can do the same in KS ;)
    See u soon

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