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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lifestyle | Choosing Your Career

Choosing a Career

When you're at school the time soon flies by and before you know it, it's time to start picking A Levels, choosing whether to go to University or not and of course what you plan to do with your life after that. All of these are big milestones and not easy decisions to make but they are life changing.

When selecting my A Levels I started to think properly about what career I would like to do and initially thought about two things, being a veterinary nurse or a primary school teacher. I'd thought about each of these on and off for years but decided against the former because as much as I love animals I wouldn't be able to handle seeing them so poorly and maybe not making it. I also would have wanted to take them all home with me! As for the primary school teaching.. I think I would have enjoyed it and been good at it but as I wasn't too sure I decided maybe it wasn't for me, I thought maybe I didn't have the right passion for it.

Law is a really interesting subject and something I thought about going into for a while too. I liked how broad the area is and that you can really make a difference to people's lives whether it is family law, dealing with negligence cases, will disputes or crime. In the end I decided not to go down this route as one particular topic didn't stand out for me and as I had never studied law at school or knew of anyone who was involved with it I was a little afraid I would commit myself to something I wouldn't actually like in reality.

Eventually it was actually my A Level subject choices that helped me decide on my career. Two of the subjects I chose were IT and Business Studies as they were my favourite's and match my job perfectly as a Business Analysis. For my job I have to have an understanding of how the business works in order to understand what the users want but also understand the IT element in order to write up a spec with their requirements before handing it over to a developer to create. It's much more involved than that in reality but that's just a simple out line of what I do and it's great because it can be applied to a whole host of industries too.

How did you pick your career or what career are you working towards?

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  1. I'm working towards a career in social media marketing. I wish I'd been made more aware of what there was out there in school though, I didn't even know what type of jobs there were out there so I went to university to do psychology as I'd studied it in A-Levels, and I had no idea what other possibilities there were!

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  2. I'm a Media Analyst and I studied both IT and Marketing. I actually started off in IT because I was good at programming but I realized that I HATED the work. I ended up taking Marketing and loved it. I'm not the most creative person which is why I leaned more towards the whole Analyst role (numbers are my love).

    For those of you still in school, I want to remind you that you aren't stuck with whatever you choose. You can choose to change as you learn more about the world and yourself. Most jobs that you will get by the time you graduate probably don't exist right now.

  3. I knew I wanted a mathsy career (geek alert!) and as I loved economics finance seemed the way to go...but I wanted something a little different. I'm working towards being an Actuary - I'm in the middle of a degree and currently on placement and loving it! x


  4. I am studying a Media and Communications degree, hoping to become a magazine journalist. I am heading this way because I love writing and I love reading magazines, so it would suit me perfectly. When I was younger I wanted to be a primary school teacher too ! Haha !

  5. I'm working on my Law Degree in the US, which is an upper level degree here, I went through several ideas that I decided didn't fit and eventually chose law because it is so diverse. I do sometimes worry that I won't always love it.

  6. I loved this post so much I have done a post myself looking back on my career decision.
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  7. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian..I live with lots of animals but I never realized my dream!

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