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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lifestyle | Reading on a Kindle

Reading on a Kindle

When reading devices such as Kindle's first came onto the market the thought of them didn't appeal to me at all. I love reading but part of that satisfaction is plucking a book of the shelf, the smell, holding the book, reading the blurb and that exciting feeling as you're nearing the end. I just didn't think I would get the same feeling from a reading device.

For years I haven't even considered buying one, haven't even been tempted but I was going on holiday a couple of months ago it sparked up a conversation with friends about real books versus electronic books. The advantages of having a Kindle when going away won me over because quite simply I had more space in my case for my beauty products and shoes! Instead of having to find room for five bulky books all I had to do was take my slimline Kindle in my hand luggage which was perfect. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love reading a traditional book but I'm now also loving my kindle too and although I've only had it since the end of August I've already read nine books and am on my tenth.

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  1. Like you I wasn't impressed by the idea of a Kindle or similar when they first came out, why would I want to read on a screen and lose out on the feel and smell of a book? Plus, they don't look as pretty on your shelf. I bought one about three years ago now because I just haven't got space for every book plus they're much cheaper and you can put your Kindle in your bag and don't have to worry about a book getting ruined.

  2. I love my Kindle, I always have it in my bag and it makes life so much easier than carrying books around x

  3. My Kindle is the best Christmas present I've ever received. While I still "indulge" in paperbacks, I find it almost easier to read on a Kindle, and more convenient. The battery lasts forever, and I love all the little features that come along with the Kindle, like being able to highlight words or phrases, using the Dictionary, taking notes, and more.

  4. I was exactly the same, I was offered a kindle as a present for Christmas a few years ago and turned it down because I genuinely love having a book in my hand. However, I started to give it more though around August time as I realised I hadn't bought a book for ages and had tried using the Kindle app on my phone. Bought one... love it! I download samples of books all the time and love the ease of finishing one and being able to pick another straight up. Also solves my storage space problem :) x

  5. I love my Kindle, and I use it every day. I have had mine for over 3 years now and it is brilliant. One of the best things I have ever treated myself too. I love it.

  6. I resisted a little at first too but then once I realised just how many books I could have with me at any given time I was hooked. A month away from home? No problem my Kindle kept its charge (so I didn't have to deal with pesky power converters) and I had oodles of books to pick from for long train rides and such.
    I'll never stop visiting my library and reading actual books but definitely don't mind reading on my Kindle when it's more practical to do so. Did you know many libraries offer programs where you can "borrow" free books for your Kindle too? You probably did but I was surprised how many of my friends didn't realise it so I always like to pass that little tip along. :-)

  7. I currently do not have a Kindle but have been thinking about purchasing one.

  8. I can't believe how much easier it is to read on a kindle, when I read a book on a kindle I fly through it but when I read a normal book I really struggle and it takes me ages. I definitely prefer kindles and download all my books now, although I do love buying books.

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  9. I much prefer reading on my Kindle to reading books! As you said they take up so much less space in your bag (especially when you're travelling) and I also love the fact you have so many books at your fingertips. I find I read so much more now I have my Kindle. xo

  10. I love my Kindle. It's super light and portable. I never have to worry about it fitting in my bag either!

  11. Still reading books ~ I have a reader app on my Galaxy tablet + have a book on it. I really need to read it and see if it's for me


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