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Monday, 22 December 2014

Review | Paul's Boutique Makeup Brushes

Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes
Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes
Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

I'm always on the hunt for new makeup brushes to add to my collection so when I recently came across these beautiful ones by Paul's Boutique I couldn't wait to try them. I love that they are the complete opposite to any others in my collection as they have bright vibrant colours and I really think this will make them appeal to younger people who may just be starting out with makeup. It makes a change to have fun makeup brushes with a splash of colour rather than your typical black and this hint of neon on the handle and dip dyed synthetic bristles is Paul Boutique's well known trademark.

Each brush in the collection (five in total) is packaged in matching neon colours which completes the look perfectly and really makes them stand out on the shelf.

I have two brushes from the collection which I will talk about in a little more detail below.


Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

The first brush I have is the blusher brush which is a really nice size for this purpose and also has a slight angle which makes product placement easier. This brush also works really well when applying bronzer but not so much for contouring as the head of the brush is a little large for this application to be very precise. Product picks up well on the synthetic hairs of this brush and it blends nicely into the skin without causing any irritation due to the bristles being silky soft and the hairs haven't shed at all. The handle is chunky and weighty yet  is comfortable to hold and use. This is my favourite brush of the two featured in this post.


Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

The second brush I have is used to apply foundation and is your typical flat paddle shape. This isn't my favourite style of brush to apply foundation, instead a prefer to use a flat kabuki but it's good to mix things up and I have still enjoyed using it. Again, the product picks up well on the synthetic bristles and applies streak-free to the skin. It works well to blend the foundation evenly across the skin and the shape allows to you easily apply the product around the eyes, nose and lips with ease. 

If you want to try these makeup brushes they are available from Superdrug and are priced very reasonably.

What did you think of these makeup brushes? What are your favourites?
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  1. Wow such bright brushes! I bet they feel so soft - definitely look it!

    Emma x

  2. They both look gorgeous, I love the look of the blush brush!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  3. They look soft and lovely, I like the look of the blusher one! Great review, thanks for sharing

  4. Wow they are bright enough to catch your attention x

  5. The bright colours really put me off, I find they look cheap and tacky :( x


  6. Awesome! Thanks that I found this blog. Your blog have informative and very useful. I love the color of your beautiful and very cute brushes. I'll surely get it sooner! :)

    Makeup Brush Set


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