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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Advertisers | August Advertisers


Hello Beauties, I can't believe it's the end of yet another month and we're almost starting September. it feels like only yesterday we were celebrating New Years Eve! I'm not liking how quickly this year is flying by but it does mean it's that time when I get to share the lovely advertisers that have been sitting in my side bar for the past month.

I hope you've had a chance to have a sneaky peak at their blogs/websites already but if you haven't this blog post gives a brief introduction to each of them so hopefully you'll pop by and discover some great new reading material. Each and every one of them are fabulous so you'll definitely be missing out if you don't!

So here we go.. please let me introduce my August Advertisers....

Advertiser: Hoad Shoes

Established in 1898 Hoad Shoes is situated in the heart of Sevenoaks providing footwear for all the family. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, superb product knowledge and a vast range of products from fashion boots and shoes to extra wide fittings. We have recently opened our online shop selling a wide range of products such as Gabor, HB, Pedro Miralles, Dubarry and Timberland to name a few. We offer free postage on all online orders and a click and collect option if you are local to the area. We also write a blog all about fashion footwear trends, buying trips, brand information and the goings on at our little shop.

Advertiser: Beky Lou

BekyLou is a Fashion and Beauty blog that I write alongside my full time job. I put as much time and energy into it as I can and absolutely love doing it. I write everything from reviews, Outfit of the days, nail of the days and lifestyle posts where I just like to have a chat and give my opinion. Giveaways are also a regular on my blog where you can win anything from the newest product release, some of my favourite goodies and recently there was even a giveaway to win tickets to the Premiere of Divergent in London. I'd love it if you could take a peep and give me a follow!

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Advertiser: Miss LJ Beauty

Hay everyone, 

How are you today? My wee blog contains a bit of everything but beauty is my passion. I am getting married in June so expect a few post on that. As with a wedding coming up I'm on a fitness and weight loss kick ATM.  I am currently running a series called inspirational people on Sunday to give us all a boost that dreams can come true! 


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Advertiser: Dulcie's Beauty Blog

Dulcie’s Beauty Blog – A Beauty and Lifestyle blog where I share my beauty favourites and my reviews of products I’ve tried and products I’ve liked. Make-up is my thing, with nails as a close second.  Created with inspiration from my beautiful friends, the blog features my make-up looks and outfits, nail polish favourites and skin care picks. A creative space, Dulcie’s Beauty Blog brings beauty products, style and fun together.

Advertiser: Peacock Beauty

eacock Beauty is a blog dedicated to colorful makeup and beauty discoveries for the everyday girl.  As a former gamer-girl and first time make-up wearer at the age of 28, I am eager to try EVERYTHING. You will find a wide variety of products and viewpoints from my makeup and beauty journey. I review products from a fresh angle, post  pictures of my make-up experiments, chat about it on YouTube and much more (the back of my hand is permanently swatched).

Advertiser: A Scottish Lass

Laura, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger from North East Scotland.   I am a coffee drinking, mother of 2 wife of 1.. (lol).   Lipstick lover - never usually seen without a bright red lip.  A fan of all things sparkly.  'A Scottish Lass' is my night time retreat, a place I can share my loves and meet new friends. You will find an array of different posts on my blog, normally beauty lustings but a few lifestyle posts in there too.

Holy Grails
Some of my Holy Grail products are :  YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, Mac 'Constructivist' paint pot & Clarins Flash Balm.  

Favourite Shops
Boots, Sephora (when given the chance) & Oasis

online - Selfridges,

Celebrity Crush - Bradley Cooper

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Advertiser: Topdraw Fashion

Hello, I am Anna-Maria the writer of Topdraw Fashion. I believe fashion, beauty and fitness alls rom together and this is what my blog is all about. I love bringing you guys fashion tips, amazing beauty finds and fitness tips and tricks. I post every other day, and sometimes more if i can and along with this i have just started a youtube channel. At the end of every week I do a ‘Deal of the Week’ post where I find 5 of the best deals for you and where to find them. Hope you stop by and follow my journey here.

Advertiser: Delabelles Beauty Blog

My blog is all about being fabulous without having to spend a lot of money. Happiness and self confidence comes from within. I love motivating and empowering girls and women. Some things that I cover include: beauty, fashion, shopping hauls, celebrity photoshoots, thrifting, and life experiences. I love girly things, traveling, and just life in general. I don't believe in fitting in at all. Being different and true to yourself is beautiful and untouchable. 

A little history about me: I was the average girl who sort of took life for granted. I joined the military and had a wake up call. The military has changed my whole aspect on life. Life is beautiful and is what you make of it. I no longer take anything for granted. I can find and appreciate the beauty in the smallest thing......enjoy some rambles

Advertiser: Lisahh Jayne

Hi I'm Lisa, and I write over at Lisahh-Jayne, a beauty and lifestyle blog. I'm your average 23 year old girl, who's got a complete and utter addiction to beauty products, mainly lipsticks and nail varnish. I usually write about my mission to find good skin care products, make up, and how I need to stop spending so much money on cosmetics.

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Advertiser: Scottish Stef's Nails

Hey everyone!I'm Stef from and I am really excited to be featured in Kimberley's post! My blog documents my polish discoveries including swatches and reviews of polishes and nail products. I also post about easy nail art designs that I would like to think that everyone can have a go at. The nail art designs I write about are usually quite expressive rather than precise and intricate so you don't have to worry about whether your nails looks perfect. I love a good beauty/fashion tag post too! Hopefully you will be able to find inspiration from some of the polishes in my blog if you are ever feeling bored with your nails. I love interacting with all the lovely bloggers out there so feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me anytime!

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Advertiser: Oh Hello Mango

I'm Naomi, 20 years old from the South-East of the UK. I blog about beauty, fashion, nail art, baking and whatever I get up to that’s worth sharing! In my spare time I love shopping, binge watching Netflix and creating things. I make jewellery and design home/blog/life organisation printables which you can look at (and buy!) on my etsy store. ( I post everyday so there’s always something new to come and read and I’ll be making regular YouTube videos soon! Come and join the rest of my minions, the best is yet to come ;)

Advertiser: Tam Loves Tea

Hi my name’s Tam and I’m a shopaholic. I’m a Yorkshire lass living in Warwick who writes about stuff and things. Expect make up, shoes, cake and castles. Come along and enable me won’t you?

Advertiser: Mummy's Beauty Corner

Hello everyone! I'm Dagmara and I blog at Mummy's Beauty Corner. I started my blog earlier this year after discovering the beauty blogosphere and as I always loved make up and skincare it seemed like the perfect way to join the beauty obsessed community:)

I am a mum of two little boys and I'm very busy with them, housework etc. so those evenings of writing my posts or reading other beauty blogs it's my precious 'me time'. It's great to have the little piece of internet where I can share my passion for beauty products with like-minded people. I blog mainly about beauty, and my two biggest obsessions are eye shadow palettes and nail polishes. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and let me know if you stop by!

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beauty | Monthly Subscription Beauty Boxes.. Do I or Don't I?

Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

I don't know about you but most of the time when I see bloggers posting or tweeting about the latest beauty box that has arrived on their doorstep full of surprises it makes me wonder if I should sign up to this monthly treat too. I've been in two minds about it for over a year now and just can't make up my mind whether it's a good idea or not so thought share my thoughts with you guys and see what your recommendations are!

Too Many Choices

It wasn't that long ago that there only seemed to be one or two main beauty boxes that were spoken about but now there seems to be more than ever which makes the choice when it comes to signing up even harder! There's Glossy Box, Love Me Beauty, Birch Box and You Beauty Discovery too name a few.. which is the best and why?


Next comes the commitment.. I don't want to be tied into a yearly subscription just in case I change my mind or don't get much use out of the products I've received so I think I'd definitely have to go with a brand that offers a rolling month and month subscription.

Value for Money

I have seen loads of boxes being opened on You Tube or reviewed on blogs where a lot of the products sound great and it's obvious the contents are worth a lot more than the subscription but I often wonder if it's actually worth it? I absolutely love discovering new brands and trying new products but I wonder how many of the products I'd actually get through month after month particularly as you seem to get a lot of skin care and I'd hate to think most of them when just sit in a drawer unused. Do you guys find you actually use everything?


If I signed up for a beauty box I'd like to get a good variation of products in good sizes (not just the tiny packets where you get one use out of it). The products I'd like best are probably makeup, hair care and body skin care as I tend not to mix up the products I use in the face skin care regime as much but I'm definitely open to trying new things. I think I need to do more research to work out the kind of products you tend to get with each of the different boxes and what ones are more up my street.

Buy the Products

I often wonder rather than splashing out on the monthly subscription on a box of products you may or may not like would it actually be better just to spend that on other products that are on your wish list. You don't get the fun element of surprise but your less likely to be left disappointed.

The Surprise

The two reasons why I'd want to sign up to a monthly beauty box would firstly be to discover new products and secondly because I love surprises! I know I'd get such a thrill out of opening it every month and seeing what gems are hidden inside.

What do you think beauties? Should I sign up to a monthly beauty box?! Which one?!
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Review | Origins Make a Difference Moisturiser

Monthly Beauty Box Subscription Monthly Beauty Box Subscription Monthly Beauty Box Subscription Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

You may or may not know, a few months ago I was on the hunt for a new day time moisturiser as I strangely become allergic to my trusty Clinique one so had to change. It was odd because I'd been using it for a year or more and gone through two whole pots of it before it started to make my skin feel sore and a little tingly. 

I stopped using the Clinique moisturiser after working out that was the cause and was on the market for a new one to try. I tested out a couple before discovering the Origins Make a Difference moisturiser which actually kind of happened by accident. I was shopping in London one day and headed to the Origins counter at Selfridges to purchase the Origins Drink Up Overnight Facemask (it is amazing!) and asked the lovely lady on the counter for a recommendation for a day cream that is suitable for dry skin. I had never really suffered with dry skin before as it had always been combination/normal up until this point but the allergic reaction, mixture of different skin care plus the change in the weather had taken it's toll leaving my skin drier than ever.

The lady on the Selfridges gave me a sample of the Origins Make a Difference day moisturiser which I managed to get a fair few uses out of to try and gauge how it was working. Needless to say I was impressed even after that short time so decided to purchase the full size.

I really like this moisturiser because the texture isn't too thick or thin so it glides well over my skin and although the texture is quite wet it absorbs quickly meaning I can apply my makeup soon afterwards. This is important to me because before work I don't have much to wait around as I literally get up at the last possible moment I can!

The Origins Make a Difference Moisturiser contains Rose of Jericho plus a Lychee and Watermelon hydra-sustain complex that looks to add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. If I'm honest, when I read this on the back of the packaging although it sounded good it didn't really mean much to me as I have no idea what a 'hydra-sustain complex' is but without doubt this moisturiser has helped combat my dry skin and return it back to its normal state. Even after just a handful of uses I saw a big difference and this combined with the Drink Up face mask I use 1-2 times a week has really helped as my skin now looks nourished, smooth and hydrated.

Make a difference is a really beautiful moisturiser that has a very subtle scent and a smooth, light formula that hydrates the skin without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy. It is most suited to people with combination or dry skin and is now definitely part of my every day skin care regime. I don't plan on looking any further for a replacement for my Clinique moisturiser as this one ticks all the boxes and for now seems to be doing the job perfectly!

If you want to buy the Origins Make a Difference Moisturiser you can buy it from the Origins website for £34.50. This price may seem to be a little on the high side but you barely need to use any of the product to cover your whole face so it will last a long time.

What do you think of this moisturiser?
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lifestyle | You're Stronger Than You Think

Me and my dad

Today’s blog post is about a personal story that happened several years ago but is still hard for me to talk about. The reason why  I have decided to share it with you, though is because it taught me a lot and hopefully will help support some of you who may be going through a hard time.

The things it taught me are:

1)      Family are the most important thing in the world. Make the effort to spend time with them
2)      You are stronger than you think
3)      Knowledge is power, research and learn as much as you can so you're ‘in the know’

Casting back seven years (it’s scary it’s been that long) to my first year of University I made my usual phonecall home to mum and dad, however, this time I got a different response to the happy, bubbly hello I usually get. At the exact time I called my family were at home waiting for an ambulance because they suspected my dad was having a heart attack. As you can imagine I was filled with panic but I was stuck at University which although wasn’t a massive distance away wasn’t around the corner either. That’s pretty much all I remember from that phonecall, the shock and panic of finding out and the rest is a blur until I was pacing the hospital corridor with my brother as they tried to discover what was happening.

On arrival my dad was given a blood thinning drug due to them thinking he was having a heart attack but this in fact made things 100 times worse because he was actually haemorrhaging so escalated everything to the point where he actually needed 52 pints of blood within a very short space of time. In hindsight I guess you could say this is down to hospital negligence so maybe we could have contacted a company such as Leo Claims to see if they could help but we didn’t pursue it further.

The doctors had no idea what was going on and neither did we but and the days seemed to pass so quickly without us making any progress and over this time we got more and more worried.  Eventually after scans the surgeons decided they needed to operate in order to try and find out what was causing the bleeding, however, due to my dad having previous operations that was extremely risky. Unfortunately the time they took me and my mum aside to tell us we have just five minutes to say goodbye because the likihood of my dad getting through it was so slim is still at the front of my mind and something I hate thinking about. I don’t know how we stayed so strong to walk back into that room and watch my dad be carted away but we did it because we had to keep him calm. 

I have managed to block to small details of this difficult time from my mind so the next thing I remember is sitting in the back of my brothers car being driven to his house and us all sitting in the garden waiting to hear something from the hospital. The operation went on for hours and hours and because they wasn’t exactly sure what they were going to find they had no idea exactly how long it was going to take. Eventually we got the call we were all waiting for. The operation was over and had been a success. Everything had gone well and my dad was in recovery but would be moved into the High Dependency Unit and sedated as he had to have time to recover properly and slowly. I cannot describe how it felt to have that news and all we wanted to do is get down the hospital as soon as we could to see my dad.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too long and we were allowed, two by two to enter the HDU and see my dad. It was terrifying to see him in a mask covered by tubes and being surrounded by machinery but it was also a comfort to see him. The consultants told us they had discovered two stomach ulcers which had burst and that was causing the pain and bleeding but it had all been repaired.

We weren’t quite out of the woods yet, though. My dad was monitored 24/7 by his own nurse and the following day was woken up. It was amazing to see him awake and speaking! After spending some time in HDU my dad was moved to intensive care and then finally to a normal ward before being able to return home, however soon we would be going through a similar experience again.

During the next week we noticed my dad wasn’t eating, he couldn’t get out of bed and wasn’t well at all. After just a week he was rushed back into intensive care (a different hospital) and was suffering from septicaemia as he hadn’t been given antibiotics for a kidney infection he had developed in hospital. It was heart breaking to see him back in intensive care but thankfully he slowly recovered and was eventually allowed back home, for good!!

Even though this all happened years ago, this blog post turned out to be much harder to write than I expected.  I find it easier to talk about now but what happened really affected me as it was a very scary experience but we have now come out the other side and as a family are closer than ever. At the same time as all of this happening I was also in the middle of my end of year exams at uni so I had to keep travelling from uni to home to the hospital which were all in completely different locations. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to pass those exams let alone get a first at my end of my degree but it proves… you are definitely stronger than you think!

Thank you to everyone who helped save my dads life. I will forever be grateful.


What do you think of today's blog post?
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wish List | My Current Wish List

My Current Wish List

Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I published a wish list so I thought I would send share of the items I'm currently lusting after. This time my list isn't specific to beauty or fashion and is instead a real mixture of things.. here goes....

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance | The Fragrance Shop | £64.50

I first smelt this fragrance at an event with Debenhams last year and loved it. It's a really feminine, girly scent that is sweet and slightly floral too. From what I remember it would be perfect to wear during both the day and evening plus the packaging is gorgeous. This is definitely a fragrance I would love to add to my collection!

Faded Skinny Jeans | New Look | £22.99

Despite having a ridiculous amount of jeans in my wardrobe not all of them fit as well as I'd like so I'm after a new pair. I've tried New Look skinny jeans before and been impressed by them so I'd like to add this gorgeous dark faded pair to my collection in time for Autumn/Winter. As the weather in the UK has completely changed (Summer is well and truly over) I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of them!

Kitchen Aid | Selfridges | £429

I love baking as I find it relaxing and enjoy creating and sharing different sweet treats with my friends and family. One key thing missing from my kitchen, however, is a kitchen aid which would make my life a lot easier. At the moment whenever I bake I do it all by hand which is much more time consuming so I'd love to have one of these. They are available in so many gorgeous colours too, particularly the deep and light pinks.

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette | Boots | £32.00

One of my favourite make-up products are eyeshadow palettes because you can create so many different looks with them plus they are easy to store and travel with. I much prefer buying a palette that has a few shades that work well together than have lots of loose shades floating around my make-up drawer and when I spotted this beauty on Beky Lou's Blog it was a must to be added on my wish list. The colours all look gorgeous and I think they would work really well with my blue eyes and brown hair.

Maxy Shoe | Kurt Geiger | £295

Since spotting a similar pair of Rose Gold strappy sandles in Kurt Geiger not so long ago I have thought about them ever since and would love to add something similar to my shoe collection. Rose gold is such a pretty shade and works really well with a multitude of other colours and outfits so you could easily get a lot of wear out of them. I also love how they are different from your classic gold or silver shoe.

Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake | Revlon | £5.99

When the Revlon lip butters were first launched I gave into the hype and purchased a couple which I have really enjoyed using ever since (besides the one that melted.. oops). As they are so comfortable to wear and hydrating to the lips I'd love to add 1-2 more to my collection and the one I'd most like is Strawberry Shortcake as it looks like a really easy to wear, pretty shade.

What do you think of my wish list? 
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Lifestyle | Grabbing a Bargain


Everyone loves to grab a bargain which is definitely why I think we are all becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. It's so simple to get online and after just a few clicks of a button discover endless amounts of discount codes from sites such as Coupon Rani.  In the past we were all so reliant on knowing when sales were going to start, being told about them by our friends or simply discovering them by accident it was much harder to know what was going on and ensure we were getting the best price possible but now that is a thing of the past.

Whether we're hunting for discounts for online shopping, going in store or restaurants the Internet is a really great resource for finding discount coupons and is now a place I naturally go to before purchasing most things no matter if we're ordering a pizza from Dominos, shopping on Ebay or Hotels, before committing myself as I like to know I've paid the lowest possible price.

Of course from time to time it's good to be spontaneous and just buy something at the time but there's nothing more disappointing than knowing afterwards you could have got it for a cheaper price and therefore had more money to spend to something else! Afterall, it's super quick and easy to tap what you need into the search box or even sign up to the newsletter so you don't miss out.

Looking back I don't know how I shopped without coupon sites... I love them! How about you?


Do you like to grab a bargain buy using discounts and coupons?
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Lifestyle | Surviving University

Surviving University

Last week the A Level results were released and it made me think back to the scary and daunting time when I was waiting for mine. Once receiving the grades I needed it then dawned on me I had to leave home.  University is a big moment in anyone's life and is something that I was equally happy and terrified about. I wanted to go to University because it's something I'd always planned to do and I wanted a degree but I really didn't want to leave my family and friends. I'm really close to my family and I'd known my best friends since I was 4 years old so it was going to be a massive change for me not to be around them all the time.

Admittedly, I found University hard, not because of the work but because of the environment but it did get easier over the four years I was there and it helped having my boyfriend with me too. We met when we were 16 and both ended up going to the same university so I did know at least one person but I found the below tips helped get me through too:

1) Home Comforts

Leaving home for the first time is very daunting so make sure you take lots of home comforts with you. It makes a big difference when you're surrounded by your own things and it will make you feel much more comfortable.

I decorated my walls with posters so they were more colourful, I had a bright pink bed spread, some teddies, photos and nick nacks that all reminded me of home. I had plenty of clothes and shoes etc too so I was well and truly surrounded by all my belongings!

2) Planning Trips Home or Visits

When I was at uni I hated being away from home, particularly when I was in halls but it really helped to know when I was going home. Every three weeks I would go home and every two my family would come down to see me so there was only ever one weekend I didn't see them.

it was much harder to see my friends because we had gone our separate ways around the country but texting and MSN messenger got us through until the holidays and reading weeks when we would be able to all meet up again.

3) Be Prepared

Knowledge is power so being prepared for University is key.  Make sure you read the University website carefully and any information they send you as you're often expected to send back forms and to have already purchased the books on your reading list before term starts. It's important to know any rules before getting there and getting to know your timetable too so prepare as much as you can before embarking on your new adventure!

Also have a think about what you'll need besides home comforts and things to help you study. For example, cutlery and plates etc are essentials whether you're in catering or non catering!

4) Interact with People

University is a much more enjoyable experience when you interact with people and make friends. Remember everyone is in the same boat too so prop your door open so it's easier to speak with people, attend as much as you can during freshers week and join some clubs and before you know it you'll be making friends.

Before I went to University I came across a forum where you could chat to people who lived in your halls or did your course before you got there. I met my best University friend Gemma this way and we've been friends ever since. We met up on our very first day and was so lovely to have had a chance to speak to someone before getting there. I can't remember the name of the website now as it was a few years ago but maybe it's still out there somewhere. Obviously it goes without saying to be careful when meeting people from the internet though.. and never give out your personal details online!

5) Work Life Balance

When you go to Uni, despite having to pay you'll soon realise not everyone is there to study.  It's really important to have work life balance but it's also imperative you don't get too carried away partying and make sure you study hard too. It's much easier to get the grade you want if you work hard from the start and and add up the marks as you go along rather taking the chilled approach and waiting until 2nd or 3rd year to get your head down and work.

6) Discounts

Being a student will entitle you to a lot of discounts so before shopping take a look online and invest in a NUS card. You'll get discounts on all sorts of products and it's definitely worth while!

7) Budget

No matter how old you are or what you're doing budgeting is important and this is no different when you're a student. Your student loan doesn't go very far by the time you take into account, rent, food and books let alone nights out, clothes and make-up so make sure you budget for each term so you're not left short.

8) Housing for Second Year

You'll be surprised how quickly people start looking for a house for the second and third years so make sure you know how things work at your University. At mine we started mid September and by Mid October the search had begun so extremely quickly considering people hadn't known each other for long. Of course there were people that waited longer than that but it's good to get into a group quickly so you're not left on your own and also so you have more houses to choose from.

9) Be Proactive

It's easier said than done but if you can be proactive at University and try to stay on top of the reading and your notes when it comes to exam time it will be much easier. You'll feel less pressured and stressed even if you've made a start on some of them.

10) Know Your Way Around

I'd be the first to say my sense of direction isn't the best but it's important to know your way around campus and possibly the nearby area. If you can take a trip there with friends or family first to become more familiar with it, it's a good idea and will make you feel more comfortable.

Don't forget to find out where the local supermarket is so you can buy food, the pharmacy and doctors as well as shopping center, restaurants and bars.

What do you think of my surviving uni tips?
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