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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lifestyle | Choosing Your Career

Choosing a Career

When you're at school the time soon flies by and before you know it, it's time to start picking A Levels, choosing whether to go to University or not and of course what you plan to do with your life after that. All of these are big milestones and not easy decisions to make but they are life changing.

When selecting my A Levels I started to think properly about what career I would like to do and initially thought about two things, being a veterinary nurse or a primary school teacher. I'd thought about each of these on and off for years but decided against the former because as much as I love animals I wouldn't be able to handle seeing them so poorly and maybe not making it. I also would have wanted to take them all home with me! As for the primary school teaching.. I think I would have enjoyed it and been good at it but as I wasn't too sure I decided maybe it wasn't for me, I thought maybe I didn't have the right passion for it.

Law is a really interesting subject and something I thought about going into for a while too. I liked how broad the area is and that you can really make a difference to people's lives whether it is family law, dealing with negligence cases, will disputes or crime. In the end I decided not to go down this route as one particular topic didn't stand out for me and as I had never studied law at school or knew of anyone who was involved with it I was a little afraid I would commit myself to something I wouldn't actually like in reality.

Eventually it was actually my A Level subject choices that helped me decide on my career. Two of the subjects I chose were IT and Business Studies as they were my favourite's and match my job perfectly as a Business Analysis. For my job I have to have an understanding of how the business works in order to understand what the users want but also understand the IT element in order to write up a spec with their requirements before handing it over to a developer to create. It's much more involved than that in reality but that's just a simple out line of what I do and it's great because it can be applied to a whole host of industries too.

How did you pick your career or what career are you working towards?

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Blogging | Addicted to Pinterest


I have a confession... I'm addicted to Pinterest!

Pinterest is basically a huge photo storage site where you can either upload your own photos or search for other people's. You have your own profile where you can create your own boards for different genres, for example, shoes, fashion, makeup, wish lists etc and then whenever you see a picture you like you simply pin it to the relative board. The concept is brilliant because it means you can keep everything in one place and drool over an endless number of pretty things! 

If you have never heard of Pinterest you are definitely missing out. I've been a member for around 18 months but only used it properly in the last six by creating lots of different boards to group the pictures I love. Like the post says.. I'm definitely addicted! I go on Pinterest at least once a day (oopsy) and have 109 boards and counting....

I'm finding Pinterest particularly good for getting wedding inspiration as well as new makeup and hair looks. There are literally endless photo's to go through in the perfect world of Pinterest and I will definitely spend some time trying to re-create them.

If you want to check out my Pinterest page and follow me you can here :)

What do you think of Pinterest?
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wedding | Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Good Morning Beauties! As I recently got engaged I'm very excited about wedding planning and have already made a start. This means over the next year there will the occasional wedding related post popping up so I can share some things with you. I won't go into fine details of exactly what I have booked because I want some things to be a surprise and my friends read my blog but I will definitely be writing about my experience, stages and a sneaky peak into some of our choices for our special day.

Today's post is all about wedding planning and where to start.  Obviously I'm no expert as it's all new and pretty overwhelming so I'm not saying this is the best way to do things it's just our way of doing it! 

I've been with my Fiance for ten years so we're not looking to have a long engagement. Therefore if we can find venues you like that are available we plan to get married in the Summer of 2015. That's extremely exciting but at the same time daunting because we actually have less than a year to plan everything and believe me, there's a lot more to think about than you realise!

As my Fiance and I have been together for so long we've spoken a lot about our wedding so we already had some ideas before he actually proposed. Back then it felt like we had a very good idea of what we wanted and it was just a matter of putting things into place and booking them but how wrong we were! Now we're engaged and it's all real it's much harder to make decisions on things as I know we will be committed to them so need to be sure we're completely happy with the choices we're making. There's also a lot more to think about than I originally thought. In my head I knew we had to book venues, flowers, a photographer, choose bridesmaids, ushers and a best man as well as decide on hairstyles etc and the all important wedding dress but when you put it down on paper the list is endless!

These are the first steps we have taken to plan our wedding:


Something that I have done for a while is to look on Pinterest to get wedding inspiration. I have my own board where I've got lots of pins of everything you can imagine and I refer to it often. I'm really glad I started it ages ago as it's given me lots of ideas already.. if anything too many!

I've also bought a couple of wedding magazines which are fun to look at because everything is composed in one place. I will definitely get a few more of these but if i'm honest I was completely shocked at the price so I won't be purchasing too many! Spending £6.50 on a thin magazine is a lot more than I'm willing to pay!

The Internet of course also has a limitless amount of wedding websites available so I have been making good use of those over the past few weeks. I don't find them as good as using Pinterest or reading a magazine as it's more time consuming to find things that suit my particular taste but the Internet is extremely useful when hunting for specific things such as venues and local photographers etc

Last weekend my Fiance and I also went to our first wedding fair which was fun and interesting. It was nice to able to talk to people which is really important because you don't want someone involved in your special day that you don't connect with. We learnt not only what we definitely wanted at our wedding but also some companies to avoid whom we felt aren't quite right for us.

Get Organised

I'm a very organised person, sometimes too organised but when it comes to planning a wedding that's a good thing! We have a spreadsheet that my Fiance started for costs so we can work out our budget and manage our spending and I've extended it to include a mood board, contact list and more. This way we have everything we need in one place and can easily update it when we need to which will hopefully mean it will be easier to stay on top of things.

Guest List

I've learnt that one of the first things you must do when wedding planning is to write up a guest list so you have a rough idea of numbers because you will be asked a lot. This also determines what size venue you need for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception. 

This is when it gets difficult because it all becomes a big guessing game as obviously until you get RSVP's to your invitations far down the line you actually have no idea how many people are actually going to attend. This can make it hard when deciding on a venue because obviously you don't want to book anything too small but equally nothing too big that will look empty if a lot of people can't come.


Now that we've done all of the above the hunt is on to find a wedding venue for both our ceremony and wedding breakfast/evening reception. The former has been pretty easy because we've always known we have wanted a church wedding and possible places but the evening reception is far harder. It is overwhelming how many things you have to think about! For example, distance from the church, is there accommodation nearby, size, is it suitable for all members of your friends and family no matter their age? What is the food like? Do they arrange decorations or do you have to arrange everything? The list goes on and on...

We've looked at a few places but unfortunately are yet to find 'the one' so the hunt is still on.....

That's all for my initial wedding planning post but as things progress there will definitely be more. Meanwhile we will continue looking for a venue.. wish us luck!

Do you have any wedding planning tips? What would your dream wedding be like?!
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review | My Current Skin Care Routine

My Current Skin Care Routine
Good Morning Beauties, how are you all? It's been a while since I last posted about my skin care routine so I thought it was about time I updated you all on the products I am currently using but first let me tell you a little about my skin type. I have combination skin which means my t-zone gets a little oily and my cheeks a little dry but most of the time it's normal. My skin can also be a little sensitive at times.

Here's a peak at the products I am currently using:

Face Masks | Link to REN | Link to Lush
Lush and REN Glycolactic Face Masks

Lately I've been really loving Lush face masks because I like that the ingredients are completely natural and there's a big variety. Whether I'm looking for something to exfoliate, soothe or nourish there's something that will suit my sensitive skin perfectly without causing irritation. They also last ages and Lush provide samples so you can give a mask a few tries before committing to a big pot which is perfect as I always find it daunting splashing the cash on something I might not like.

As well as Lush I'm still a fan of the REN Glycolactic face mask which is all full of natural ingredients. The scent is sweet and fruity and makes my skin glow after just one use. It's a very nice product!

Origins and Laura Mercier Moisturisers

The day and night face moisturisers I use are both by Origins. The day one is called 'Make a Difference' and is a product I first starting using a few months ago when my skin was going through a dry patch and has been a God send. The formula isn't too thick or thin so it absorbs quickly which is perfect because I don't like to wait around long before applying my makeup in the morning and my skin is left feeling hydrated.

I use the Make a Difference moisturiser most evenings too but to give my skin an extra boost I use the Origins Drink it Up Overnight Intensive face mask a couple if times which is amazing. If you're ever suffering from dry skin just a few applications of this will soon leave it feeling hydrated, smooth and nourished.

Lastly, the moisturiser I use on my body is the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle which is just incredible. Not only does it smell divine but it is brilliant at hydrating my skin without leaving a greasy sticky residue. I love it!

Tackling Spots | Link
Tea Tree Oil

Luckily I don't often suffer from spots but when I do the first thing I reach for is tea tree oil. I just pop a little on a cotton bud and place it on each spot as it helps it dry out which means they tend to clear up a little quicker.

Toner | Link
REN Toner

The toner I am currently using is by REN and is the same one I have used for the past couple of years. I find it refreshing on my skin and it doesn't irritate my eyes so is great to use.

Cleansing Balm | Link
Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

Ah now we get to my holy grail product... my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. Since trying this I haven't looked back.. it is just amazing! The texture is silky soft and smooth, it applies beautifully to my skin and removes every trace of my makeup... but that isn't all. After use my skin feels refreshed, nourished and glows.. I cannot fault this product.. it is incredible.

Makeup Remover | Eucerin | Bioderma
Bioderma and Eucerin Makeup Remover

I've been using a mixture of two makeup removers over the past six months which are by Bioderma and Eucerin. Both are micellar waters and work well to remove makeup without irritating my skin although I would say Bioderma is slightly better at removing heavy eye makeup.

What skin care products do you recommend?
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

GIVEAWAY | Win Makeup Revolution Treats

Makeup Revolution Giveaway

Hello Beauties! It has been a while since I ran a giveaway and to celebrate my recent engagement I thought I'd hold another one. This time is a massive Makeup Revolution giveaway because I am absolutely loving their products at the moment. The company have taken the beauty world by storm and offer a huge array of products at incredible prices which are often dupes for high end products.

You may have read a few posts on my blog where I have reviewed Makeup Revolution products and see me rave about them so I'm very excited to share those same products here! If you want to check out my haul post you can read it here and other reviews can be found by using the search option in my right hand side bar or the archive list. 

Makeup Revolution have kindly given me another set of all the fabulous products I tried so I can share them with one lucky reader! They include:

What You Waiting For Salvation Palette
Scandalous Lipstick in Crime
Amazing Volume Mascara
Redemption Iconic 1 Palette
Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Give You All My Love

For your chance to win this amazing selection of Makeup Revolution products please enter using the Rafflecopter below. There are a couple of mandatory options but most of them are optional for additional entries.. the more you enter the bigger your chance to win!

mportant Information

- The giveaway will run from 23rd August 2014 - 25th Oct 2014 and is open internationally.
- The winner will be emailed and/or announced in a blog post. The winner will have 28 days to claim their prize.  If I do not hear from them within this time frame a new winner will be picked. If the winner has not entered all of the entries they have claimed to, all of their entries will be discounted and a new winner will be picked.
- If you are under the age of 18 please seek parental permission before entering.
- I will not be held liable for any allergic reactions you may have to the products.
- The prize will be posted 2nd Class standard delivery to the UK/untracked internationally. I will not be liable for any loss or damage but will make sure the prize is packaged well.  If you want to pay the additional fee for recorded delivery you are welcome to do so.
Makeup Revolution Giveaway

What product in the selection above would you most like to try?

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Lifestyle | Life Update

Life Update

Hello Beauties! It's been a strange few weeks for me when it comes to blogging as the normal routine I religiously stuck to went completely out the window. You may or may not know I was in the passport back log and after waiting ten long weeks for it to arrive it was a last minute rush to book a holiday and pack. My Fiance and I had 48 hours to do everything whilst working our full time jobs so it was slightly stressful and probably not something I would do again!

After having some trouble checking in online and therefore being up all night worrying we either wouldn't get on the flight or wouldn't be sitting together we arrived in sunny Tenerife and had a wonderfully relaxing week away where we even got engaged!

When we returned to England we had an amazing weekend celebrating with our friends and family before going back to work and returning to reality and it was all a bit of a whirlwind. Things, however, didn't stay quite so rosy.

While I was on holiday I got a cold (bad timing right!?) which soon turned into tonsillitis which my body seems to have trouble shifting this time. I've had now had it for three weeks and am on a long course of antibiotics which will hopefully help. My father also had to go into hospital last week to have an operation (which didn't actually go ahead in the end but needs to be rescheduled) and sadly last week my God Mother also passed away which was a complete shock so the last few weeks have been full of different emotions, highs and lows.

You may have noticed things have been a little quieter on KBB when it comes to blog posts, Twitter and Facebook etc but that's because it has been a crazy, exciting and stressful few weeks. I hope to get back into the swing of things very soon and return to blogging every day so pop by and check out my latest posts! I also have a very exciting giveaway coming up!

What did you think of today's blog post?
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Lifestyle | Our Holiday to Tenerife

Tenerife Tenerife Tenerife Tenerife

Hellooo there beauties! A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Tenerife where my wonderful Fiance proposed to me! Of course that was the highlight of our holiday but we also had a great time doing other things so I thought I'd write a little blog post to share some of them with you.  

I must admit, it wasn't the most exciting holiday in the world when it comes to exploring because we wanted a super relaxing holiday filled the days on the beach or by the pool and evenings enjoying each others company over delicious meals at different restaurants. So that is exactly what we did! It was great to fully unwind and relax and it both did us good as things have been a little stressful lately. We both also enjoyed some long walks in the evening along the beach and other places as well as a show.

It was a great holiday and once again Tenerife didn't disappoint. We've been there a few times now and enjoyed it every time because the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed, the weather hot and the food good!

Where did you go on holiday this year?
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lifestyle | Choosing Wedding Rings

Vashi Wedding Rings

Good Morning Everyone! Today's blog post is the first of many wedding related ones which I am very excited about writing as I only got engaged two weeks and 2 days ago! Eekk! My blog will always be more focused on beauty as that is my passion but this is an extremely exciting time in my life so I want to include blog posts about it not only to share some snippets with you but also to form more memories for me to cherish.

Today's blog post is all about wedding rings which we got thinking about after our friends showed us theirs after we announced our engagement. I can honestly say that before that this is one wedding topic that I hadn't really thought about but it's very important because of course I would like a wedding ring that compliments my engagement ring perfectly.

My Fiance and I have definitely got the wedding buzz as we are looking at wedding related things online at every possible opportunity whether it be venues, flowers, rings or other areas. I'm still not entirely sure what I want my final ring to look like but after scouring the Internet I have a lot more ideas now, so have featured some of my favourite designs in the collage in this blog post. 

Key things I would like are:

1. The metal needs to match my engagement ring so they don't rub and damage each other so I will be looking for a platinum wedding ring.

2. I'd like some delicate small diamonds lining the top of the ring, however, I'd have to see how this looks against my engagement ring as something plainer may look better.

3. I'd like to maybe get a ring that slots under my engagement ring so they sit closely together

Obviously, my Fiance and I haven't been engaged long so we're just in the process of looking at what it out there and gathering ideas but thanks to Vashi I have definitely been able to make a good start! I plan to put together a wedding mood board at some point and I'm sure these pretty rings will feature.

If you would like to take a look at the rings featured in this blog post take a look at the Vashi website. They are a well known jewellery company known as 'diamond experts' who have been established online since 2007 and have appeared in endless press ranging from newspapers such as the Sunday Times and TV such as the BBC News. Read a little more about them here.

Do you want to see more wedding related blog posts?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lifestyle | The O2 Arena

The 02

As well as blogging I have another hobby and that is music. When I was younger I used to play a variety of instruments (flute, piano and treble recorder) as well as sing but now I tend to stick more to the latter and listening to other people's music.

Music is a wonderful thing that is often underestimated. I love it because no matter how stressed I am it relaxes me and helps me unwind.  It is also great for making you associate certain things with it and conjure up memories when hearing just the starting bars to a song. Of course it is made even more memorable if you are lucky enough to go to a show because the atmosphere at arena tours just can't be beaten. I love the mass of crowds at the O2 and the excitement that builds while everyone is waiting for the artist to start, the singing along and the dancing is brilliant too as well as the innovative parts of the show that are completely unique and special to the artist.

An up and coming event at the O2 arena is by Alt J who are an English rock indie band from Leeds. The band were formed in 2007 and has three members, Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Thom Green. This is an exciting tour for the group as it's their biggest headline show to date and is on January 24th 2015, just six weeks before they release their second album, This Is All Yours. You can buy Alt J tickets on the O2 website.

I definitely fancy another trip to the O2! It's been too long!

Have you been to the O2 arena?

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wish List | Lush

Lush Wish List

I'm a huge fan of Lush and have been for several years, however, there are still lots of products I am yet to try. After speaking with my bestie about the products she recently bought on a shopping trip it got me thinking about the ones I would like to try so I decided to pop them into the wish list so I won't forget them and also because I love to share these kinds of posts with you!

So let's get started on my Lush wish list!

I love Lush soaps, my favourite being Honey I Shrunk the Kids because I love the scent. One I've always had my eye on though is the Sultana one as it smells nice and looks like it would be very creamy and nourishing for my skin.

Unfortunately my hair suffers from getting split ends due to the length and different styling I do on it every day. I'm trying to limit the use of elastic bands and straightening to help reduce the number I get but it's impossible to completely prevent them so I'm on the look out for products that can help stop them from getting any worse. This is when I came across Shine So Bright, a balm made from coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter that can be used on the dry ends of the hair to minimise the damage from split ends and prevent any more from appearing.

I've tried various shampoo's from Lush before, my current one being Lush Trichomania but never a conditioner which I know is surprising. The one I spotted when I was last in store was Big Solid Conditioner as it looked like it may smell like coconut, a scent I love. After a closer look a discovered it doesn't but it does include lots of lovely ingredients for the hair including coarse sea salt to soften and volumise the hair, lemon and lime to add shine and toothed wrack seaweed to strengthen and revitalise.  With this combination of products I'm hoping my hair will be left nourished and healthy.

I've tried a few face masks from Lush before and have always been impressed so I definitely want to get into trying more. The latest I have my eye on is Love Lettuce which contains almond shells for exfoliating, calming french lavender, almond and honey oil as well as agar seaweed gel. The combination sounds like it would apply nicely to the skin and exfoliate whilst soothing the skin and helping balance the skins sebum production.

A few months ago my bestie treated me to the French Kiss Bubble Bar as pick me up as I was going through a stressful time and I loved it. It has a gorgeous lavender scent which is very relaxing and perfect to add to the bath after a long, tiring day. Being a bubble bar, you also get several uses out of French Kiss which is even better!

It's strange to think I only discovered dry shampoo a few years ago but now I couldn't do without it. it's such a brilliant product to have around whether your hair looks a little flat and needs some volume added back into it or simply could do with a boost between washes to make it look a little fresher. I'd love to try the Lush version to see how it compares to others I have tried.

What do you think of my Lush wish list? What is on yours?
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