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Monday, 22 December 2014

Review | Paul's Boutique Makeup Brushes

Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes
Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes
Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

I'm always on the hunt for new makeup brushes to add to my collection so when I recently came across these beautiful ones by Paul's Boutique I couldn't wait to try them. I love that they are the complete opposite to any others in my collection as they have bright vibrant colours and I really think this will make them appeal to younger people who may just be starting out with makeup. It makes a change to have fun makeup brushes with a splash of colour rather than your typical black and this hint of neon on the handle and dip dyed synthetic bristles is Paul Boutique's well known trademark.

Each brush in the collection (five in total) is packaged in matching neon colours which completes the look perfectly and really makes them stand out on the shelf.

I have two brushes from the collection which I will talk about in a little more detail below.


Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

The first brush I have is the blusher brush which is a really nice size for this purpose and also has a slight angle which makes product placement easier. This brush also works really well when applying bronzer but not so much for contouring as the head of the brush is a little large for this application to be very precise. Product picks up well on the synthetic hairs of this brush and it blends nicely into the skin without causing any irritation due to the bristles being silky soft and the hairs haven't shed at all. The handle is chunky and weighty yet  is comfortable to hold and use. This is my favourite brush of the two featured in this post.


Pauls Boutique Makeup Brushes

The second brush I have is used to apply foundation and is your typical flat paddle shape. This isn't my favourite style of brush to apply foundation, instead a prefer to use a flat kabuki but it's good to mix things up and I have still enjoyed using it. Again, the product picks up well on the synthetic bristles and applies streak-free to the skin. It works well to blend the foundation evenly across the skin and the shape allows to you easily apply the product around the eyes, nose and lips with ease. 

If you want to try these makeup brushes they are available from Superdrug and are priced very reasonably.

What did you think of these makeup brushes? What are your favourites?
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Friday, 19 December 2014

Lifestyle | Life Update

Life Update

Hello Beauties! Over the past couple of months my blog has been a little quieter than normal so I thought I would do a little life update post so you could understand why.

So, things have been really hectic. Firstly as it's coming up to the end of the year work is very busy and as I work in an industry with high pressure it's pretty stressful at the moment. I've also had to go to Portugal too.  I'm finding it impossible to do any blogging during the week or keep on top of my mails because to be quite honest I'm exhausted! Christmas break can't come quick enough. When I get in from work I pretty much just get changed, have dinner and go to bed.. sad but true!

Next I've been super busy wedding planning. I'm having a lot of fun doing it but it is definitely taking over my life! Every weekend is filled with research or appointments ad it's particularly hectic at the moment because there's quite a few things we need to be ticked off the list before Christmas, eek!

I'm also a little under the weather at the moment (again) which is no surprise seeing as there's lots of stuff doing it's rounds at the moment. So many people seem to be poorly so if you're one of them please get better soon! I'm not sure what I have.. maybe a cold or tonsillitis again.

Now that I also need to factor in Christmas even more of my time is taken up but I'm grateful that I have this hour spare to be able to update you all. I'm going to try and get into a new blogging routine and maybe post three times a week rather than every day so at least then you guys know when to pop back to read a new post! So until further notice I will aim to blog at least Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once over the weekend. I definitely plan to go back to blogging daily but I need some of the wedding preparations to ease off a little first! I hope you understand and I won't lose you as readers. I love blogging, it's a massive part of my life but at the moment I need to be reaslistic about what I can and can't do :)

What's going on in your life at the moment?
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lifestyle | Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas Gifts for Her
So Christmas is just around the corner but I'm sure there must be some of you out there who still have some last minute gifts to get? Here are some ideas if you're a little stuck:

What do you think of my gift ideas?
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Lifestyle | Wedding Update - Picking THE dress

Wedding Update

Hello Beauties, how are you? It's been a couple of months since I last wrote about my up and coming wedding and as a lot has changed since then I thought it was about time I updated you all! This is also the reason why things have been a little quiet on my blog.. the wedding is definitely taking over my life and as there were a number of things we had to get arranged before Christmas every spare moment has been spent researching or meeting people!

So last time I updated you (read the blog post here) we had picked our wedding date (19th September 2015), found our venues, chosen our Bridesmaids, Maids of Honour, Page Boy and Ushers and booked our photographer and car. This ticked a lot of boxes but there is still a huge amount to get done so next on our list was my wedding dress (eeeek), save the dates and table decorations and theme.

So far the most exciting part of the wedding planning has been dress hunting. I had a good idea of the style of dress I was looking for after spending lots of time researching online but when it came to the actual shopping at first it was still pretty daunting and overwhelming. I went to four shops in total, all of which had to be booked weeks in advance and offered a completely different experience, some of which were better than others.

The first shop I went to had recently been awarded the best Bridal Shop in the UK and the experience was incredible. I was treated like a princess the second I walked in the door and my mum and two Maids of Honour were also made to feel equally as welcome and comfortable. On arrival we were guided to our 
own room and treated to bucks fizz and nibbles while I was asked some questions about our wedding so our adviser could get an idea about what I wanted and the theme of the day. The room was amazing.  It was huge and there were large ornate mirrors surrounding it, bird cages, flowers and beautiful girly details. It was very pretty and delicate, perfect for a wedding dress shop.

Once the lady had all my details we selected some dresses and the fun bit started. The room was huge and divided by a large curtain so every dress I tried on I could see first before standing on a block ready for the grand reveal to my loved ones. It made it extra special and was a lot a fun! I can't go into details about the dresses I tried on because quite a few friends and family read this blog so I don't want the suprise reuined or anything getting back to the groom but after trying on about ten dresses there was one that stood out for me, the first one I tried on. 

Even though I loved first dress I'd tried on I was still keen to go to some other places so I could be sure about my decision. The wedding is 9 months away and I needed to make sure I picked a dress I would still love and want to wear that far down the line. You may wonder why I was shopping this early. It's because wedding dresses can take up to six month to be made and then you should allow three months for fittings so according to that schedule things were tight although I guess the later could be a little more flexible if necessary.

The next appointment was a week later but the first dress remained very much at the front of my mind. Unfortunately my experience at the second shop couldn't compare to the first. The customer service wasn't anywhere near as good and I wasn't made to feel special in the slightest. In fact the whole thing was very rushed and impersonal so I didn't feel comfortable at all and this made a big impact on the dresses I tried on. I didn't get the wow factor so the search was still on. Dress number one was still on my mind although something was niggling at me about it so I was 100% sure it was the right one.

The next appointment was the following week and was much more positive. The shop wasn't as pretty as the first one but the staff were really friendly and welcoming so I had a nice experience there. At this shop I had the opportunity to sort through the dresses with my mum and we selected about twelve I liked but I tried on more than this over the two plus hours we were there. This time my Maids of Honour couldn't make it so it was strange not having them there to join in but my dad popped in which was lovely. I tried on lots of stunning dresses in different styles which I liked and could see myself wearing on my wedding day but I didn't get 'that' feeling people so often say you get. I'd been told that you just know when it's the right dress and although I liked the dresses I just didn't get that feeling which panicked me if I'm honest! 

The last dress I tried on was a slightly different style but beautiful and became a big contender for the very first dress I tried on (at the first shop). I couldn't decide which I preferred as by this point I had started doubting the first dress a little so I was pretty confused! We decided to book another appointment so my Maids of Honour could pop along and I could try the dress on again with a clear head. It sounds strange but although it's a lot of fun no one tells you how exhausting wedding dress shopping is. Spending over two hours getting in out an out dresses is very tiring and emotions are high too so you end up being both mentally and physically exhausted. It's a big decision.

The following day I was due to return to shop number three with my Maids of Honour but before that we were due to visit a small boutique that funnily enough I had been told about when we first got engaged by two separate friends. This boutique also had dresses by two of my favourite wedding dress designers I'd found when first doing my research.  I'd decided the night before to cancel the appointment and just go back to shop number three because I didn't want to get even more confused but in the morning I decided if I didn't go I may regret it so off we went to shop four... and thank God we did.

All the dresses I tried on there were stunning but there were two that stood out from the crowd and without doubt outshone all the others I had tried on. One of these was my dress. This meant a change in the plan again. I alerted my Maids of Honour I'd found 'THE' dress and within minutes they were on their way (how amazing are they?!). It's strange to describe but you truly do get that 'That' feeling everyone told me about. Even though you try on lots of beautiful dresses, the more you try on the easier it gets to rule some out and then you just know when you're wearing the right one! We celebrated with some champagne and I have no doubt I've picked the right dress... I love it. Now I've got to wait six months until it's made and I get to try it on again!

Sorry this post has been very long but I wanted to go into lots of details about my wedding dress shopping experience as it was incredible and a once in a lifetime experience. I loved every second of it. 

The next things we will be looking into will be a videographer, wedding stationery and decorations for our rooms and tables.

What do you think of this blog post?
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Lifestyle | Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas (over £100)

Christmas Gifts Over £100

Tiffany Interlocking Circles Pendant | £275 | Link
Mulberry Purse in Oxblood Coloured Natural Leather | £275 | Link
Jo Malone Lush Layering Gift Set | £141 | Link
Geox Felicity Leather Knee High Boots | £165 | Link
The Luxury Christmas Hamper | £150 | Link

Hello Beauties! Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing some blog posts on Christmas gift ideas.. it just wouldn't be the same on my blog without them and I really enjoy putting them together. The first one I have started with is my Luxury Christmas Gift ideas and features a whole range of products. 

I have a soft spot for Mulberry and since buying my bag have had my eye on the purses. I particularly like this oxblood one as it's a little different.. the colour is gorgeous! Next are Geox boots which will keep you nice and toasty during the cold winter weather. I was lucky enough to get these for my Birthday and I love them as they are leather and have a pretty trim at the top to make them unique. The next gift I chose was for all those foodies out there and is a gorgeous hamper by Hotel Chocolate. It includes an assortment of different products and would be a lot of fun to open and rummage through. Next is a stunning necklace from Tiffany which I'm sure any girl would adore if they opened it on Christmas day and last but not least for those who love a bit of pampering a beauty gift set by Jo Malone.

What do you think of my Luxury Christmas Gift List?
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lifestyle | The Key to a Successful Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas is fast approaching.. just four weeks to go in fact which means the shops are full of hustle bustle and the panic will soon set in about what to buy our loved ones. This is no easy task but there's no need to fret, here are some simple advice that will hopefully mean you will have a stress free shopping trip this year!

Make it Personal

My first tip would be to make the gift personal and by this I mean to sit back and write list about everyone you want to buy gifts for and take the time to think about each individual. Maybe think about what is currently going on in their lives and see if there are any gifts that would be appropriate for this, e.g I'm getting married next year so wedding related gifts are great for me.  Also think about your friend or family members interests and hobbies. Do they like sports, films, music, baking, decorating their house? Would they prefer a larger gift or a small token? What did they get last year and how did they react? All these things will help give you inspiration for this years special present.

Make it personal also falls into a second category and that is to order a personalised gift for your loved one. This could be a mug or glass with their name on, engraved photo frame or canvas for their home. The choices are endless on this one but if you're interested in going down this road have a look on Google for some specific ideas.

Forward Planning

Before hitting the shops do some forward planning so you have a head start before mingling with the crowds. This way you will be able to speed up your shopping trip and spend less time browsing and more time going to the specific shops you need to.

Make a list of everyone you want to buy presents for, set a budget per person and get that thinking cap on! Of course browsing can open you up to some great ideas but it isn't always a fun experience when the shopping in crowded malls so I tend to plan the gifts I'm going to get in advance as much as possible.

You can add your gift ideas and shops to your list so you have it with you when you go, order online or even reserve your gifts so they are already behind the counter when you get there. Also be careful of the time you go because the shops are usually much quieter first thing in the morning or evening.

Being prepared and forward planning will also mean if any items are out of stock you have plenty of time to locate them elsewhere or think of other ideas. There's nothing worse than having the perfect Christmas gift in mind but leaving it too late to get it.

Club Together

If you're having trouble thinking of gift ideas or want to buy a larger present but can't afford it how about considering clubbing together with others? Not only will you be able to brain storm together but having a larger budget will open up more buying options to you.

Start Early

I've breached on this a little bit in the forward planning section but it's so important I thought I'd put it here too. Starting your Christmas shopping early seems like a no brainer if you've got lots to buy but I've heard countless stories about people leaving it until Christmas Eve which will obviously add a lot more stress to the experience. If you start early you can get presents every now and then rather than in one epic shopping trip and it gives you time to get some inspiration for other gifts for people you may be struggling to buy for.

Don't Panic

Don't panic that you've got too much to do and too little time. Plan and be prepared you can fit in everything as long as you don't panic.

What do you think of this post?
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Review | iBeani Cushion for Tablets

iBeani Review
iBeani Review

I don't know about you but when I get in from a hectic day at work besides having a relaxing bubble bath I love to snuggle on the sofa or in bed with my ipad and watch You Tube videos or catch up TV. There's nothing better than being able to totally zone out and watch one of your favourite vloggers and before you know it you've often lost several hours where you've been so absorbed in it.. that happens to me anyway.

Up until recently I had to hold my tablet (a large ipad) or in the bed prop it up on pillows which was okay but a bit of a pain having to move everything around and trying to get the position right. Now, however I use this simple but very useful tool called an *iBeani cushion which is a lot better!

The iBeani is quite simply a small bean bag which is available in a variety of fabrics and designs ranging from giraffe animal print like the one above to plain and faux leather.  The concept is simple but works extremely well because the individual beans move so the tablet is propped up exactly where you need it and doesn't move. This stand is also suitable for both small and large tablets and even sports a cute little pocket at the front which can be used to store small items.

Of course you don't just have to be use it when watching You Tube, you can also use it as a slanted table when generally surfing the web or using some of your apps. As the iBeani is also lightweight it would also work well during plane or car journeys and won't be too heavy to carry around, especially as it has a handle too.

If you want to purchase an adorable iBeani cushion for yourself check out the website here. Prices start at £24.99 and are worth every penny! I use mine pretty much every day!

What do you think of this product?
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