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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lifestyle | Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines Gift Ideas for Him

Hello Beauties! Valentines Day is fast approaching so I thought I would write a blog post on some gift ideas for the loved ones in your lives. There will be two posts, one directed towards gifts for him and the others gifts for her. 

I write this post annually and always have a lot of fun hunting around looking for gift ideas, this year was no exception. I've thrown in a couple of 'typical' lovey dovey gifts but have also tried to think outside the box so have also suggested some gifts that aren't strictly Valentines but would hopefully appeal to the men in your lives.

Each year my Fiance and I vary the gifts we get each other. Sometimes we go for soppy gifts and other times we choose to get things that are a little more practical and presents we actually need. When putting together this post my Fiance was my main inspiration as I basically thought of gifts he would like and ones that I would consider buying him on this special (sometimes controversial) day of the year.

The selection of gifts I have chosen vary in price so they will suit a variety of budgets and I hope they will help you with your shopping! I've chosen several 'smellies' as these are always great gifts for men. My Fiance got the Jimmy Choo fragrance for Christmas from my parents and loved it, it's relatively new on the market too. I've also included a body wash and body spray, the latter having the signature Hollister scent that we all know and love.  Gifts focused a little more on your 'typical' Valentines theme is a gorgeous box of chocolates from Thorntons which only look delicious and but taste it too. They have a large variety availability so if these don't sound quite right take a look at the others on offer at the store. They also do some wonderful personalised gifts for that extra special touch. I have also chosen a heat changing mug covered in hearts which reveals a message which I thought was pretty cool! Last but not least are some leather goods including a travel holder, bag and belt which would be perfect to use all year around.

What will you be getting your loved one this Valentines Day?
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