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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review | My NARS Blush Collection

My NARS Blush Collection
My NARS Blush Collection

NARS is an amazing makeup brand, in fact it is one of my favourites and if I had to pick just one make up brand to use this would probably be it. Their products are brilliant quality and so far I've been really lucky and loved everything I have tried.

Today I want to share my blush collection with you. It's not particularly big but these are all 'go to' shades that I wear on a regular basis and have done for the past couple of years.

My NARS Blush Collection: Sin

This is a beautiful plum blush that has a subtle gold shimmer running through it and is one of the most popular shades sold. It is the perfect blush to wear in Autumn and Winter and goes brilliantly with berry lips and for me it makes a real change to your typical pinks and peaches.

In the pan Sin doesn't look like anything special to most people but that's what I love most about it. It's not until you apply it you realise how beautiful it is. The shade gives you a natural flush and warms the skin so it is very flattering and although it is well pigmented it is easy to work with if you are careful with how much the brush picks up. The soft texture isn't as dry as some other powder blushes in my collection such as Benefit but it isn't super creamy either, not that it matters because it blends beautifully and easily stays in place all day.

Sin is a blush that can be easily used every day and it looks great in the evening with a dark lip and smokey eye too. It's very versatile and is a shade I think deserves more hype than it gets.

My NARS Blush Collection: Amour

Amour is a pretty rosy pink shade that has a subtle shimmer through it which gives my cheeks a healthy glow. It is highly pigmented so needs to be used with caution so you don't end up looking like a clown but the end result is lovely. It makes my cheeks look flushed and looks gorgeous with a simple nude lip during Spring and Summer although is is a shade that can easily be worn all year round.

The texture of Amour is the same as Sin so it is a little on the dry side but again is very blendable.  It needs more attention than Sin but is still a shade I find pretty easy to work with and is great for every day as it's long lasting.

Personally I think this shade wouldn't be suitable for those with a very pale skin tone.

My NARS Blush Collection: Deep Throat

Deep Throat is the first Nars blush I bought and is my most worn as it's such an easy to wear shade. It is paler than Amour, being slightly more peachy toned and has a gold shimmer running through it which gives my cheeks a healthy glow.

The pigmentation is very good so just one swipe with my brush is plenty to cover and blend onto both cheeks and again it stays in place all day without moving. The shade is also great because it goes with a large variety of makeup looks so I can easily reach for this blush every day if I want to.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my NARS blush collection. It is an expensive brand but I think the products are such a good quality it really is worth it. They also seem to be never ending. I use mine regularly it looks like I've barely touched them!

If you want to see some similar posts like this let me know, I had fun putting this one together.

What do you think of my NARS Blush collection? Do you have any recommendations?
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  1. What a beautiful collection of Blushes! ^ w ^

  2. Jealous of your collection! I don't own any NARS products, but if I did it would definitely be a blush! I think Sin is my favourite because I love that plum colour. I definitely agree that it looks like a great shade for A/W x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. Beautiful blushes! I'm a big fan of Nars blushes too!

  4. I only have one NARS blush which is Orgasm and I absolutely love it. I'd love to try Deep Throat or Sin though - Sin especially because I love plum toned blushes!

  5. Love this post. I was recently given a NARS blush palette by my bf and I've been loving it. Orgasm is the one I've been reaching for most days but I love the look of Sin and Deep Throat. xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  6. This is such a beautiful collection, all the shades are gorgeous!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  7. The shades look gorgeous! Love NARS blushes!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  8. They all look gorgeous, I'd love to be able to afford NARS stuff!

    Anything & Everything

  9. Such gorgeous shades, im so obsessed with NARS blushes!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  10. Gorgeous picks! Amour and Deep Throat are two of my all-time favourite blushes :)


  11. They do have the most amazing blushers a colour for everyone :)

  12. You have really sold me on the Sin blush - I need to try that out now!

    I really love their Day Dream blush. I reach for it quite often as it tends to go with any makeup look!

    Hilary | TheBeautyCollective

  13. Beautiful pictures! I love NARS products, I only have the Deep Throat blush but it is well used :) these all look gorgeous.


  14. WOW ! Stunning blushes !
    I should really consider to start buying NARS products for myself ...

  15. These blushes are all stunning ♥___♥


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