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Friday, 27 February 2015

Favourites | February Favourites

February Favourites

Another month has gone by in a flash and that means one thing... it's time to share my favourite products with you! Let's get straight into it:

February Favourites: Nuxe Lip Balm

Firstly I have the Nuxe lip balm which is just delicious. It smells like lemon and honey and is very thick and luxurious so does a great job at nourishing my lips. Unlike other lip balms I don't have to constantly re-apply it during the day to keep my lips moisturised as it lasts for hours and a little goes a long way so although this small pot it pretty pricey it lasts ages. I have had mine for months and use it daily.. it's barely even dented!

February Favourites: The Body Shop Baked Blush

Next is a blush I recently re-discovered when I was re-organising my makeup and has been somewhat overlooked in the Winter months. This pretty baked blush is by The Body Shop and is a mixture of two shades, peach and a pretty pink. When swirled together they create a natural looking blush when applied to the cheeks with lots of shimmer so I never wear this with a highlighter.

This blush is great to use during Spring and Summer but I'm also enjoying it now as it makes a refreshing change and gives my cheeky a healthy glow.

February Favourites: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

Next is a blush I bought last month and have been loving ever since. The Maybelline Dream Touch Blush is so soft and creamy it's a dream to work with and is perfect during the morning when I don't have much time. The shade I have is peach which gives my cheeks a natural healthy glow all day. It's very subtle so can easily be paired with a variety of makeup looks.

February Favourites: MAC Hue Lipstick

Next is a MAC lipstick I've had for ages which is called Hue. This is a pale nude which on it's own doesn't work too well for me as it washes me out but when combined with a lip gloss it gives my lips a pretty splash of baby pink which works beautifully with lots of different make up looks.

I've been using this combination a lot over the past month for work because I don't like to wear too much make-up and don't often go for a bright lip so this is perfect. It looks lovely with a simple neutral eye or a heavier smokey one so is pretty versatile. 

February Favourites: MAC Soft and Gentle

Next is an old favourite I hadn't been reaching for much until recently and that is MAC Soft and Gentle. This product looks so pretty in the pan and definitely seems to be never ending because it doesn't matter how much I use it, it never seems to go down which is obviously a good thing.

Soft and Gentle looks gorgeous when added to my cheeks and brow bones and it definitely gives my face a healthy glow. It's a very pretty product that I think will always have a place in my make-up collection.

February Favourites: Revlon Kissable Lip Stain

Last but not least, this month I have been loving my Revlon Kissible Lip Balm. I have this product in the colour Crush which is a beautiful rich berry that reminds me of MAC Rebel lipstick.

I've found the best way to use this lip product is to apply it using a brush as I can get a cleaner line and a less patchy effect. This also means it wears off more evenly too although it is pretty long lasting. I like the Revlon Kissable lip balms because they are comfortable to wear, don't dry my lips and are available in lots of shades.

Well that's it for another month. I look forward to seeing what my favourite are during March.

What do you think of my favourites?

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  1. These definitely look like they would be my favorites as well 😊 I used my rev de miel for just a week and then lost it while moving house two weeks ago..I'm still mourning..

  2. These definitely look like they would be my favorites as well 😊 I used my rev de miel for just a week and then lost it while moving house two weeks ago..I'm still mourning..

  3. Soft & Gentle is on my wish list. It's such a beautiful powder. I love the look of the Maybelline blush too. I've developed a bit of a thing for cream blushes lately! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  4. I have soft & gentle which I love and Hue, that also makes me look bit washed out, I have to mix it with another lipstick. xx

  5. I treated myself to the Nuxe lip balm and I'm in love already :) as you said it's so thick and luxurious

    Latest Post: Charlotte Tilbury Haul
    The Jewel Beauty || A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ❤

  6. I'm obsessed with soft and gentle and use it everyday. I'm really tempted to buy hue too! xx

  7. I'm going to have to check out this skin finish powder, everyone keeps mentioning it! I love Nuxe for the summer but is not quite enough in the winter, it needs a few applications rather than just the one.

    Amy at Amy & More


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