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Sunday, 1 March 2015

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Sensu Invisible Braces

As a teenager I remember having braces, I think I was around the age of 14 at the time and had 'train tracks' for a year on both my top and bottom teeth. I was pretty lucky as I just needed the basic ones, no head brace or bands and as my teeth moved quickly I had the braces for less time than expected.  I couldn't wait for the day when they were taken off as unfortunately I had them on during my brothers wedding and I was the Chief Bridesmaid.... rubbish timing eh?!

Of course it came with pro's and con's though. The obvious pro is that you get fabulous teeth at the end of it so it is all worth it but they are uncomfortable at first and when they are tightened but after a few days when they adjust you soon get used to them. Of course they also aren't the most attractive thing in the world but I remember I used to colour code the elastics to my outfits which was pretty fun although now there is something better on my market called invisible braces.

Sensu London offer these braces and they sound great because as the name suggests they are virtually invisible. Gone are the days where you have to be embarrassed about smiling with a brace as these aren't as noticable as as well as straightening your teeth they are said to improve the aesthetics of the face.

If I was to have braces again (which I have actually thought about as the gap between my front teeth has re-appeared booooo) I would definitely consider having invisible braces.

For anyone currently thinking about getting braces or who already have some here are some tips to help you get through it:

1) Wax - When I had braces orthadental wax was a God send, particularly when my braces were tightened. This helped to prevent the brace catching on the inside of my mouth so if you're struggling with that definitely invest in some of this.

2) Food - You've probably heard it 100 times but you need to be careful about the food you eat as snapping your brace to eat your favourite food just won't be worth it it in the end. Anything hard like boiled sweets or sticky like peanut butter should definitely be avoided.

3) Cleaning - Braces can easily trap food so make sure you brush them regulary (with a normal tooth brush plus one specifically designed for braces) and use mouth wash. You'll feel much better having a clean fresh mouth.

4) It's not forever - There can be times when having a brace can be annoying and get you down but just remember it's not forever. Remember your end goal - a beautiful, perfectly straight smile.

You can found our more about invisible braces here.

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