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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wedding | Makeup and Hair Trials

Wedding Makeup and Hair Trials

Naturally, being a beauty blogger a big part of my wedding day is having the perfect hair and make-up. I've been feeling a little worried about this because in the past I haven't been too keen on how people have applied my makeup particularly around my eyes and the experience has felt pretty uncomfortable until I see the finished results. I've even been very tempted at times to do my make-up myself on the day because I know exactly what make-up I would use but my friends advised against it because it would be stress free if it's something I don't need to think about on an already very busy morning.

Also, with my hair, I'm yet to find a hairdresser who blow dries and styles it exactly as I want it with lasting results so again I was feeling a little anxious about this side of things. I didn't have the option of doing it myself though as the hairstyle I'd like is too complex so the hunt was on for a hairdresser who specialises in wedding hair.

Hair Trials

I started looking for a hairdresser that did bridal hair before considering makeup and initially looked at a local salon my friend used for her wedding as I loved her hair and it stayed in place all day and evening.  However, the experience wasn't anything like I expected. They messed me around a lot by not being able to provide details about availability and price and sadly promised to ring me back twice but didn't so I gave up and searched elsewhere. After ringing around lots of local places I settled on one I was familiar with as I'd been there several years before to have my hair cut. 

I went for a hair trial a few weeks later and had lots of photo's with me.. I'd done a lot of research so had a very good idea of what I was after. Sadly, the experience wasn't very good, though. I felt rushed and unimportant plus pretty uncomfortable which wasn't what I wanted at all. The style also didn't look like I'd expected and it fell out as I was sitting in the chair... not very impressive at all.

The search continued....

Makeup Trials

I've actually only had one make-up trial but it was a very exciting one. Funnily enough my brother actually found the make-up artist through speaking with friends about the wedding down the pub and one of them mentioned they knew a lady who did the make-up on the recently launched Cinderella film as well as the TV series Dancing On Ice, Strictly Come Dancing and many others. As you can imagine, I was very excited to meet her.

A couple of weeks later I arranged not only a make-up trial but a hair trial too after being pleasantly surprised the make-up artist had experience in this too. After three and a half hours (there was a lot of chatting going on) my hair and make-up was complete and I loved it. She had listened to everything I had said, taken into account the pictures of my favourite styles and also incorporated some changes that fit my fairytale theme perfectly. My make-up was also lovely as it was natural and not too unlike my every day makeup but something a little more special. Needless to say I booked her!

As my friends read my blog I can't go into too many details about my chosen makeup and hair style or include pictures but I definitely will do a re-cap of this post to show you what they looked like as well as photo's from the wedding day as well of course!

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