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Monday, 18 May 2015

Review | Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Pencil

Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Pencil
Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Pencil
Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Pencil
One part of a make-up routine that is often forgotten about is shaping of the eyebrows and if I'm honest it's only something I started doing myself around three years ago. My eyebrows aren't perfect but they aren't particularly patchy so I guess it's just something I didn't think of until I got more into the blogging world and started to thread my brows rather than pluck them.

Shaping and filling in your brows is more important than you think. It can completely change your makeup look as it lifts and defines the face. No make-up look is complete without your beautiful eyes being framed but the perfect brows.

I've tried a multitude of different products on my brows to help define them a little including pencils, powder and tinted gel but my two favourite's are the Universal Brow Pencil by Billion Dollar Brows and the Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow pencil. Both are pretty similar to each other and I use them interchangeably. 

I discovered the Charlotte Tilbury three way shape, lift and shade tool after a trip around the Selfridges beauty hall and the lovely ladies at the counter trying out some products on me. It's not often you find your perfect eyebrow shade so when I did it was a must have. 

Two shades are available in this eyebrow pencil and unfortunately I can't tell which one I have as it doesn't say it on the packaging but if you go to the counter you will be able to be matched to the correct one. As a rough idea you should match your eyebrow pencil to your hair colour unless you want a slightly softer look in which case you should go a shade lighter.

The Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow product is hard enough so you get a sharp natural 'hair like' affect but equally soft and creamy so the product easily transfers onto the skin. The shape is also great as is it narrow and slanted like a triangle to it's easier than your average pencil to get the desired affect without your brows looking too over done and heavy.

As well as the brow product itself, as the name suggests you get two other things with this eyebrow pencil. You get a brush which is perfect for grooming the hairs before application so everything is in position but also after as it softens the product, blends it into the hair and makes the final look more natural as it removed additional product. 

There is also a sponge hidden in the center of the pencil when it is pulled apart which is a very clever extra touch. This is a highlighter and can be used under the arch of the brows to give you a gorgeous natural glow and instant brow lift. It is very pretty and a lovely unique surprise.

I really love this eyebrow pencil because not only is the shade perfect for me but the formula replicates hairs perfectly so I can achieve a natural finish. It is also long lasting so I don't need to worry about the product smudging over my face during the day. It's a little on the pricey side but the quality is brilliant plus you get three for one with the brush and highlighter too. I cannot fault this product and it will definitely be a staple in my make-up bag for years to come.

If you are looking for some application tips here is what I do below:

1) Brush the hairs upwards so you can find your brows natural shape before smoothing them over a little so the hairs are all in shape
2) Depending on the style you are looking for either use the fatter end of the product to fill in your brows for a softer look or for more definition use the thinner side. Either way use soft, short strokes to mimic hairs. Take your time over this and don't rush so you get a more natural finish.
3) Brush through the hairs in the same way as number 1
4) Add a little highlighter under the arch of your brow
5) Comb through your brows with gel to keep them in place. I use the clear brow set by MAC.

If you want to buy the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil you can purchase it in Selfridges for £22.50.  It is also paraben free.

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil? What do you use for your brows?
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  1. It sounds like a great brow pencil! Charlotte tilbury packaging is so pretty x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I have been using the ABH brow wiz lately but I really like to look of this xx

    Zoe Mountford x

  3. This looks so beautiful, I love the CT packaging!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  4. I have heard a lot of good things about this product but have yet to try it out. After reading this I think it is about time I do.

    Beth x

  5. I keep contemplating picking this up but I'm really bad for thinking CT products are a good idea then disliking them after a short time haha!

    Lyon Notes

  6. This looks amazing but I dont think I could part with their prices.


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