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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Wedding | Save The Dates

Wedding Save The Dates
Wedding Save The Dates

The latest trend when it comes to weddings is to send out save the dates several months before your invites so everyone knows about the up and coming wedding. I think this is a really great idea particularly if you are intending to have a week day wedding or one during summer holidays because it's nice to give your guests a heads up so they can make arrangements as early on as possible.

We sent out our save the dates a while ago but I completely forgot to show you which is why I've added this extra post in this week. When hunting for the perfect save the dates I really struggled. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted but when trawling the internet but I was sure about what I didn't want.

We knew our theme was going to be pink early on but the fairytale element didn't really come into it until we booked our reception venue which is a castle. The two combined seem perfect and suits my personalityas well as our relationship as we are childhood sweethearts and people often comment it's like a fairytale.

After trawling the internet for weeks and attending wedding fairs I eventually came across a couple of designs I liked. The first was a paper one that looked similar to an invite which was traditional and girly but instead of just being one sided you opened it. It's this part which put me off them because personally I wanted something simpler and didn't plan to include a lot of information. 

Luckily just as time was running out to get the save the dates sent out I came across the heart magnets pictured above. They are all individually handmade and I loved that they could be placed somewhere in people's home rather than possibly getting lost among other papers. They suit the theme perfectly and I love that they are a little different to the norm without being too out there.

What do you think of our save the dates?
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  1. That is a lovely idea! And. like you said, it won't get lost amongst other papers. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. I've never seen 'save the date magnets' before! Loving the design, super cute idea! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  3. They look really good hunnie x

  4. These are such a cute idea and will always be a memento to everyone of your day x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. This is really cool! I often get excited over save the dates because of the creativity that goes with them. This one's a nice option. Very functional and meaningful. It looks chic too!

  6. Such a great idea incorporating magnets so that they can be easily displayed! I may have to use that idea as well!!

    Lauren Jade xo


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