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Monday, 1 June 2015

Review | Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer

In today's blog post I feature a cult beauty product by the popular brand Benefit.  As Summer is fast approaching I expect it to be a product that is talked about a lot in the blogging world. Afterall, it is the UK's number 1 selling bronzer!

*Hoola is a gorgeous bronzer which is contained in a deep maroon box which matches Benefit's style of packaging perfectly as it is similar to what they use for their blush collection. As well as the bronzer it also houses a large mirror in the lid which is perfect to use on the go (it has come to my rescue many a time) and also a cute white bristled brush which is great to use for contouring as it's slender and soft. The packaging is simply adorable and I love it.

Moving onto the product itself, I mainly use Hoola as a bronzer by sweeping it over the points on my face which would be hit by the sun. These include my forehead, chin and cheeks and I follow the typical 'E' shape that is so often used after of course dusting off any excess product. By this I mean I follow the edge of my face and the middle of the E falls under my cheek bones. I tend to use a big fluffy brush to do this such as the Real Techniques Blush Brush as I find it gives a more natural finish. If you do end up with any harsh lines or go a little overboard you can fix this by using your foundation brush to blends things out and make the look more subtle.

Hoola can also be used for other things too though as the shade is so natural looking. It isn't orange or 'dirty' so it gives you a very natural healthy glow. For some skin tones it could be used for contouring and also for eyeshadow too. I've done both and the affect is lovely for an all over natural and simple look. It's particularly good if travelling with limited space too as you can get more out of one product. 

The pigmented formula of Hoola is lovely. It's creamy enough so it is blendable and sits on the skin beautifully but is also dry enough so it is long lasting. I've spoken a little about the shade already but it really is suitable for a number of skin tones. It's a great product to take a look at if you are pale and would like a bronzed glow as it's not heavy but equally as it's buildable if your darker you can also use it. Hoola also has a matte finish so if you are a fan of highlighters and shimmery eyeshadows this product is the one for you as no one likes to end up looking like a disco ball by overdoing things.

This version of Hoola is extra special to me because as you have probably noticed from the above pictures it is personalised. I absolutely love this. Not only is the box adorable with my name on but also the wooden handle of the brush has it engraved which is a really love additional touch. Thank you so much for Benefit for sending me such a precious gift.

If you want to buy Hoola it is available at all Benefit counters for £23.50 and is worth every penny. Due to the natural shade it is a product that can be easily used all year around and is pretty versatile too! It's the perfect Summer staple to have in your handbag but of course is a beauty that can be used all year around too.

Happy Hoola Days Beauties!

What do you think of Benefit Hoola Bronzer?
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  1. There was a time when I was desperate to get my hands on this but then I got over it and got the ABH contour kit instead, you've made me want it again though! x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  2. Hoola is my all time favourite bronzer, it is perfect for everything. I love the shade and how pigmented it is. This has reminded me to get a new one.

    Beth x

  3. Really want to try Benefits Hoola Bronzer, it looks so nice and I love how it's matte! The packaging also looks so cute! :)

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  4. I've recently purchased the mini version of Hoola bronzer- i love it!


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